"Bob" Day is a long-lost ancient SubGenius holyday to celebrate "Bob" on August 8 (8/08). It will be celebrated for the first time in decades on Monday, August 8, 2016. Or not.

The holiday was lost until JoX the Bobtist re-exposed it during a GoTopless Day protest in Austin, Texas, on 23 August 2015. This was to assert the rights of women to go topless in public same as men even if they didn't have a parasitic vagitisal neonate forcibly extracting fluid from their sore abused nipples.

The number 808 not only spells "Bob" forward (without the quotation marks), it spells it backwards, upside down, upside down backwards, in mirror image, in mirror image backwards and upside down, etc.

When JoX was asked why didn't you expose the holyday on August 8 instead of doing do two weeks late, JoX replied "I forgot."

"Bob" Day should not be confused with "Bob"'s birthday which is kept secret to avoid attacks on the Greatest SubGenii Prophet by Anti-"Bob" astrologers.

Other holidayEdit

August 8 is also the holiday of St. Britishthermalunit, inventor of AC.

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