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alt.binaries.slack Internet police (known as S.P.U.T.U.M.)

alt.binaries.slack was the main binary USENET newsgroup of the Church of the SubGenius, used for posting images, mostly, along with other types of artwork and multimedia such as sound clips and video. Its sister newsgroup, the text-only alt.slack, was once very active but was abandoned in favor of Scrubgenius.

alt.binaries.slack gave birth to the first Internet police force, known as S.P.U.T.U.M., short for SubGenius Police, Usenet Tactical Unit (Mobile), created by SubGenii to combat Internet spam on USENET. It was also the source of a very large percentage of SubGenius artwork (or at least, the original distribution method). Eventually, the best art from alt.binaries.slack ended up on's Art Mines where anyone with a web browser can look at it.

The C.O.N.S.P.I.R.A.C.Y. classified alt.binaries.slack as an adult site and then blocked adult sites. Attempting to enter the site now yields the message:

Dear subscribers. As a result of changes within the internet and our regulatory domain, we must shut down the adult service.