Anonymous/"Occupy" movement poster

Anonymous is a hacktivist group known for its opposition to Scientology and the Church of the SubGenius, its support of WikiLeaks (along with Julian Assange and Bradley Manning), its many propaganda videos on YouTube, its ubiquitous Guy Fawkes masks, its support of and involvement in the "Occupy" movement, its many high-profile DDoS attacks using its "Low Orbit Ion Cannon" software to knock major websites offline, its millions of activists in countries all across the globe, its grey hat hacking against targets such as VISA, MasterCard, and Sony,

its copycat groups such as LulzSec and Goatse Security (itself part of the GNAA), its constant use of Internet memes popular on websites like 4chan, and its close ties to The Church of the SubGenius, with many SubGenii actively participating in Anonymous and many Anons are suspected of having infiltrated the Church of the SubGenius as ordained ministers.

The alliance between The Church of the SubGenius and Anonymous is a natural one and a very strong bond. Both groups are opposed to Scientology, have a similar sense of humor, a similar anti-authoritarian mindset, enjoy making similarly absurdist propaganda videos for recruitment, and are similarly extremely Internet and computer-savvy. The Church of the SubGenius has "Bob" and the Dobbshead as its symbol while Anonymous has Guy Fawkes and Guy Fawkes masks. The Church of the SubGenius has been doing the same kinds of activities as Anonymous for many decades, and in a way, Anonymous evolved out of prior groups such as the Church of the SubGenius and, of course, the Discordians, who are quite anti-authoritarian and love to spread chaos. Guy Fawkes masks are also a staple among Ron Paul supporters, a.k.a. Paultards, and the Paultards are another group that has influenced Anonymous in many ways.

However, Anonymous, despite its outspoken and oft-proclaimed opposition to The Conspiracy, cannot hope to defeat it without its members, the Anons, all joining the Church of the SubGenius as ordained ministers. Pinks cannot defeat The Conspiracy because they ARE The Conspiracy. When X-Day comes, all the Normals will get left behind, including all the Normals who participate in Anonymous. This is why the Church of the SubGenius and Anonymous must become as one, and all Anons must join the Church of the SubGenius so they have the tools to fight the Conspiracy, tools like Slack, Time Control, Bulldada, Sales Magic, Frop, and the very useful alliance with the X-ists. Only through these tools can The Conspiracy be destroyed, a goal that Anonymous and the Church of the SubGenius both share 100%.

Here is a video of SubGenius Rev. Twobeans speaking to a large crowd at an Anonymous rally against Scientology:


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