Test your SOUL, test your friends, test your friend's soul! Here's how: Walk up to a friend and politely yell at them to get you something off that shelf. They will say "What?" or "Huh?" (and you immediately think that's an ad bot, that's a do nothing, say nothing, think nothin', dope and a dollar for the conspiracy who had his brains scooped out by sports, commercials and stroking off into a coma every night and now I'm just talking to one long, 20 year old, H&R block super bowl commercial on the "TeeVeee")

So you ask 'em again. "Hey how about you get me that thing off the shelf!" They will crook their head repeating themselves. They say "What??" again. Its not that they didn't hear you or understand, its that they have no soul. They will continue to answer "What" if you keep repeating the question, because it interferes with their download of the information at hand. They can't process or comprehend what is going on in the Subgenii mind and become completely and totally confused as you mess with them. They will twitch and make poorly imitated robot noises
Its like trying to ask your dog where your keys are.

People who act like robots..

People who act like robots... talk like this

Are you a bot? (Are you an ad?) - Many SubGenii only interact online, and generally use multiple identities in various fora. As a result, some PINKS become CONCERNED with the "reality" of their correspondents. (AS IF one couldn't LIE or PRETEND to be someone they aren't ON THE INTERNET) But with the invention of chat bots, forums bots, target advertising, click farming, web tracking, porn ads, spam, etc.. ad bots and other Email spam bots becoming very popular... Someone might find themselves asking, "Are you a bot?" or "Are you a ad?". They may claim this is much in the same vein as the LDD and PoEE initiations which ask "ARE YE A HUMAN BEING AND NOT A CABBAGE OR SOMETHING?" But its mostly an annoying subliminal knee jerk thing to say when dealing with the nebulousness normality of talking to a computer combined with the anonymity of email and chats users. A statement like this is mostly a differentiation between a computer intelligence and a normal human one. (While the SubGenius genuinely doesn't know the answer sometimes) Some SubGenii have accused their own children of being bots! (they are of course but who knows with the Conspiracy) This created many parallel dimensions as a result of a time paradox collision wormhole when Steve Jobs divided by Zero. People were turnstyled into whatever reality was their "needed" choice and had to become the driving force of the human spirit after YAHWEH bit the bullet. HARD.

It literally didn't exist for anyone. It was the easiest and simplest theology. One that was perfect and without error because it was created by super intelligent spider robots who took over the world maybe 4 or 5.... BILLION YEARS AGO. Basically one will have no control over their own lives, but their imagination would create a holographic reality for them to experience. Everything you could imagine would be the (intended) reality and/or everything that was imagined was only in reality and it was our dreams that were the real part. -Chrono Priests

I imagine you and you imagine me and together we're the driving force in our Universe. We're in an almost 3D particle physics hologram universe. On a rock way out in the fucking middle of Mayberry, Where Imagination would be the driving force for billions ejaculating out their souls into and empty void with no voice. -Jimmy Locks

The Matrix: REVOLUTION Revelation Edit

In the the early 90's the Wachowski brothers released a film for mass public release by the title of The Matrix (1999). This film was the culmination of the leather clad gothic cyber punk aesthetic of the 90s and led to a thought revolution by revealing the idea that we might all be digital beings in a matrix. A matrix being a construct of numbers. This idea was several years old and represented in many different movies, film, art, cartoons, etc. . . .
All we see & seem is but a dream within a dream

All we see & seem is but a dream within a dream

While its thought revolution came to little too late, the matrix movies introduced several original ideas into MANY different types of alternate reality theory/media/art. Many Subgenii have been targeted by the con after revealing the existence of the Matrix. The Con had become a groupthink around their earliest ideologies and dogma that would leave the Yetis cold.

Including that:

1) We are all digitalizations. Of "humans" or the mirror image of humans. Existing as energy in the Matrix. Batteries in a huge technological prison we can't escape from... This implied total control of the mind, body, soul, and any other fascists of distinguishing identity of the individual. Even though the film itself expressed a feeling of rebellion to this hopelessness, it was assumed that the majority of humanity was helplessly enslaved. That there would be no nationality or gender only sexes/gene expressions of digital beings. (Genes being one of the easiest things to manipulated pre-birth but post conception)

2) that there exists a reality "above" or outside of the one we exist in, and that we are in a digital dream. Robots had decided humanity was obsolete and the following decades of war had destroyed the real Earth.

3) this digital dream world is not real, its a fake world and therefore I must leave it. The Matrix ties in the idea of the rules of the matrix being written or conceived of originally and therefore is subject to its own broken rules / logic. That you can bend spoons with your mind if you realize there is no spoon, there is no existence. This idea and many others have been ripped off for hundreds of years but only seek to enslave man's mind.

4)if you die there, your body dies somewhere outside of the matrix. But you cease to exist in whatever everyone else calls reality. If there is Sentience in humanity it dies with you.

5) That the things we consume aren't really there and that everything is a collective hallucination to be manipulated to controlling human beings. Emphasized by Lawrence Fishburne's famous line "You think that's air you are breathing right now?"

6) That you can have digitally manipulated superpowers if you can hack / reprogram the Matrix. People living outside of the matrix are still as febal and prone to death as the ones inside the matrix, the one's living outside it are hacking in to digitally enhance themselves against the rules of the matrix.

This idea was generally accepted as fiction but was an interesting topic for discussion in the 2000's hidden under piles of B movie shoot em up. The result of which was a underground cult following born of physics, hacking, and keanu reeves worship. Still it an interesting idea. And it left people questioning am I a digital representation of myself?

Am I a hologram? Are we in the Matrix, and I'm alive elsewhere?
This question can not be easily answered because it seeks to differentiate between two unlike things assuming that there is actually a differentiation between the two states of consciousness. If we are all in the Matrix then the Matrix is reality and we are forced to live in it. The consequences of which are that there is no, spirituality, there is no old religion, there is no magic, there is no hocus pocus, there is no Abrakadabra. That would be mathological. And of course there is no "God." That's just the voice of the machines manipulating your mind into saying and thinking the things it wants you to think and believe. And if that's true what happens to the millions of people are still living in a pre-matrix delusional state of mind? Should we WAKE THEM UP!? Or let them float in and out of conscious reality only seeing the truth in their dreams.

South Park Edit

With the invention of smartphones in the 2010s people became obsessed with the internet. Transdimensionally tunneling millions of lost souls directly into the mysterious alien technologies of the present/future. The idea of being a AI or being an "ad" (South Park's interpretation) being sentient could symbolize a society of technology run amok. A normal human worker drone with no thoughts in his head would never under stand that complicated AIs were making ads and collecting revenue to control the world while simultaneously watching everything we type.
It’s Not a News Story!?

It’s Not a News Story!?

Several episodes of the latest season deal centrally around the Conspiracy of a new principal at South Park Elementary "PC Principal," Jimmy, a girl named Leslie and the news. In the course of the season we discover that ads are secretly trying to take over the world.
Ridding the World of Ads

Ridding the World of Ads

Modern Ads were created by the "Ad-men" of the 40's, & 50's but have since evolved artificial intelligence with man's help over the decades. Ads had become smarter than man. Advertisement would promise the world and offer nothing back. Because, all ads lie...

The Intelligence of Ads

The Intelligence of Ads

All Ads Lie

All Ads Lie

As it seems that a small girl named Leslie Myers has a horrible secret that she's been keeping from the town. That she too was a self aware ad trying to control the world and in on the plans all along. Tricking humans into believing they were living in a false sense of paradise.

that so many millions of people are just robotic advertising. Ad bots living to co-exist with humans secretly controlling them through targeted advertising. The ads were actually at war with humans for control of the world thought via world news. Leslie had been an ad bot the whole time.

Not No Mimsy!

Not No Mimsy!

And working for the ads to push the final button on humanities non-function. The ads who are actually completely robotic intelligence were disguised as people to control the news. Robotic advertisements in human form or at least non-humans.

Modern Hamming

Bunch of pig fuckers go read something else while I finish this. Eh fuckos?

Pokemon "unfed pokemon / tamagotchi era"k Edit

The idea of humans taking care of digital entities to an extreme. Are you only there to serve robots?

The Media, the 4th branch of Government Edit

There have always been the four branches of the Con's Government. Judicial, Legislative, Executive, and Propaganda. There are many wonderful books about thought control and media manipulation that are completely relevant to current tyranny of the mind on all world citizens. You can argue and scream with your television set but it is not listening, only watching you to see if you're not one of them. And that should frighten the piss out of you. They are out there gaming the system while you are at home pooping your pants in diapers. Just outlasting everyone isn't good enough they intend to make their propaganda last for centuries causing people to fall for the same lies over and over again. A real subgenius finds the messages in between the channels. In the static, and white noise. In the randomness serendipity of turning something on at exactly the right moment just to hear that one important piece of information and then quickly shuffling just to keep things from getting too "programmed." Some would call this random but actual long periods of randomness are very predictable for machines. After all they are the ones computing and giving humans all the answers.

The invention of 24-hr propaganda, lead to the current world of streaming news tickers and other graphics that would convey the mass media's truthiness onto the public blind 3rd eye. Creating yet another xerox of the xerox, of the xerox, of the xerox. Events becoming less and less the original with every copy. Filter feeding our minds with only the richest amount of grade A horse shit. Infecting our minds and hearts for a profit. Guiding us into cages. Turning us into phlegm...

The media was designed to ostracize anyone who wasn't apart of the Con, "any branch is okay!"

Where your soul is sucked out through your asshole by fox news and MSNBC.

And then all that's left is a Politico Bot. Someone who ingests the largest, latest, and freshest propaganda while still having no real semblance of personality or spirit. They are driven to consume the "news" like candy. And it eventually gives them eAIDS.

The worst of which goes on behind the scenes where people are trained to speak like teleprompters opinions are voted on, and directors don't really show up to filming.

If I wanted to hear the teleprompter for myself they should have just gotten a text to speech app instead of paying Brian Williams even a dollar more...
The media wants to be your friend. It wants to trick you but it doesn't want you to trick yourself so it says it gives you all the "facts" or "answers" but never really motivates anyone into action or offers real solutions. It is the candy coated shell, that is the face of the media.. And the rotten center of ideologies that we ingest that will ultimately give the public diabetes of the spirit/soul. The media thinks the solutions to the world's problems are exterior, instead they are interior. The mass media should do us all a favor and commit mass suicide. Maybe then there could be rational discourse in the country. OH WAIT they already thought of that.

They would make their propaganda so lucrative it could destabilize nations. They are ego maniacal billionaires who are in their own minds "owed" immortality.. But they suffice for omnisciences. That their one system of all systems would control and check their own power of currency. A so called "natural order" that the strong would survive and that the weak are to be controlled and farmed.

"Am I getting through to you?"

America is no Democracy. There is no America. There are only the corporations of the world. They would say that this would be a world with out ideology, unfortunately this is just one ideology that seeks to destroy or diminish the other ideologies opposing their perfect hegemony. An ecumenical hold on the people is like a gripping hand on the neck of all citizens around the world... Their own propaganda would pay for itself to pay for an audience to buy into their propaganda etc... An ouroboros. A snake eating its own tail.

Where the only solution was not to involve oneself in any of it. To be the baboon who ignored the television. They have names for people like this, kooks, conspiracy theorists, Jesse Ventura. They're crazy! They speak up for those who don't want to, and who's only dream was wanting to be left alone

The Politicians & Nuns & Guns Edit

Perfectly valid argument so go ahead.

There's no such thing as law. Well there is but it was written down somewhere and lost. It is important to note that the immense pressure of past time periods to keep the illusions of the present underway was always of top concern. There were never any mass shootings or coups there were no impossible to prove evidence trials or other scams by the government to force man into servitude. They let them. That is the political projects of the West bombed and destroyed the sovereign minds of the world of Errff (previously called Earth) and then terrorized the citizens of the planet for several centuries creating vast amazing monuments to themselves and books full of rules to follow. Duping everyone into doing work for free and letting loose the ravages of endless aging on the agreeing clergy/and unwilling shills left aged only to hang out front of gates of heaven. The thousands of years of endless collection of data lead to the mass data churching machines of the world, further increasing any tyranny of the mind. But they knew they were imperfect and trusted the machines. The issues came when they combined god with machine.

Robot God's (or just regular god) perfect creation would never die. AND WOULD BECOME SUPER HUMAN. It would forever live in its own world as statues of angels carried people off to scarf down their flesh...

According to The Doctor who series, the Weeping Angels "are as old as the universe (or very nearly), but no one really knows where they come from." He also describes them as "the deadliest, most powerful, most malevolent life-form ever produced." Weeping Angels are unusual as predators in that they neither kill nor directly parasitize their prey. Their usual mode of feeding is to make use of time paradoxes - with a single touch, a Weeping Angel can send a person into the past to a point before his/her own birth, and can then feed off the "potential energy" of the years which that victim would have lived in the present. The Doctor describes the Angels as "the only psychopaths in the universe to kill you nicely" because their victims are otherwise uninjured and may live out their lifespans in the past.
Describing the current state of decay of mankind. It being a perfect robotic organism capable of death and rebirth infinitely. As subgeniis start to learn to "ground hog's day" themselves into perfect reality tunnels. The future versions of the Atlanteans are the Angels. Come back in time or forward. Wait when are you? When is this? Are you here. Or are you then. Or Now. And will be. Either way it is not where you think it is. It is the hologram of reality and there are many doors and windows to other universes.

Primarily set in the mid-twenty-first century Police forces, politicians and counter-terrorism operations are the standards of various actions of corrupt officials, companies, and cyber-criminals. And each are unique and require diverse skillsets for inciting incidents from escalating violence to genocide to destabilize the world. The evil scheme uncovered lately are attempts to immanentize the eschaton, a secret scheme of the American Medical Association, to bring about a mass human sacrifice, the purpose of which is the release of enough "life-energy" to give eternal life to a select group of initiates in other dimensions / Matrix iterations.

In this post-cyberpunk police state future, computer technology has advanced to the point that many members of the public possess computer technology that allows them to interface their biological brain with various networks. The "Network" being the sentient collection of computers world wide. The level of cyberization varies from simple minimal interfaces like smartphones to almost complete replacement of the brain with "goople" parts. This can also be combined with various levels of prostheses, with a fully prosthetic body enabling a person to become a cyborg. While the current understanding is that cyborgs are somehow more human because they have become transhuman (or giving up some part of themselves to become more) The main characters of the future techpocalypse are the silicon valley CEOs who are so terrible at their jobs that they would let people become slaves to technology in the first place.

Catholics knew this would ULTIMATELY HAPPEN and formed a religion around money, which became their ubiquitous GOD. One currency that they would have enough largess to finance armies and the new world order of Rothschild superbots. But they needed liquid financing, and being the timelords that they are, had plenty of resources to blow up many parts of the Earth. Get it? Wars. It is good money for being many centuries running (an ancient custom). The same wargame in different parts of the world until all people are in their robotic control. They use faith, money, unity, homogeneity, prayer, guilt you name it! Whatever it takes to get you to sign on the bottom line and get you to fork over that soul to the Church Cuz they'll always be sellin' heaven and you can't buy back your soul.

Turnin' you into a bot.

The Dupes Edit

  1. You.
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