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Reverend Doktor Argus Faux, occasionally known as Reverend Argus Q. Faux, is a SubGenius Badfilm director from the Hypercube Clench. His official listed role is Angry Video Wizard and was seen by millions during the 14th X-Day Drill as he projected eye-melting graphics on the local landscape.

"Newcomer Rev. Faux brought a video projector and used it to uncannily project SubGenius images on things like the trees, the roof of the stage, clouds, etc. Unfortunately these impressive images were, while plenty visible to the eye, practically impossible to photograph. No doubt next year's projectors will be brighter." -14 X-Day Drill Report

Faux also has the ability to make small amounts of money appear, but only at times when it's completely useless, such as shitting twenty-three dollars worth of nickels in the barren wastelands of Siberia, or making a single dollar appear from the back of his mouth after a Bobtism.

Faux is known for not interacting with other SubGenii or humans outside of a very tight social-schism fabricated around what some have referred to as "a network of assholes", however his artwork ("urt") is usually pumped into the Internets at ridiculous volumes and sporadically throughout the calendar year. The Hypercube Project is his latest form of release, melding classic Ikonography with other types of visual "urt" (pornography, violence, black and white monster movies). Faux has been banned by the Conspiracy from dispersing his work, and his appropriate response was to purchase more video equipment which he uses to assault Pink government buildings, parking lots and (of course) low-flying aircraft.

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