Rarely-seen second term Obama campaign logo crediting the Church for his success.

Barack Obama is the fifthy-eighth (forty-fourth by public records) President of the United States. Like all U.S. preidents (and most world leaders), he is a SubGenius, ordained in 2010 alongside his supposed opponent Sarah Palin. Like all U.S. presidents (and most world leaders), he has not publicly acknowledged his SubGenius membership.

PRESIDENTIAL CLONE(s)[edit | edit source]

Barack H. Obama is a clone from a secret military industrial clone disbursement farm. Sent to dupe the normals into accepting false leadership. Much like the Harry Harlow experiments involving a monkey's pseudo-mother; the world at large is experiencing a leaderless period of growth as a species. Yetis have long since evolved past the need for masters, and still seek to dominate the subnamulacs of the much weaker normal society. But the Conspiracy just wont take no for an answer. Letting the softbrains latch onto Hope and Change like it means a god damn thing. But the truth is it was all media hoax/manipulation and mad science gone wrong.. They had created a clone with an artificially shortened life span that could be a messiah to the pinks.

We're not sure how many B. Obama clones they made all we know is that they sent more than a couple to rule over Mars and to televise the ongoing war there.

Clones have artificially altered life spans that causes them to age more rapidly

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