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Not to be confused with Binky The WonderSkull (writer)

Binky the WonderSkull with Barbie and the Lost Panties of Minnie Rae. (J. R. "Bob" and "Connie" Dobbs' daughter Barbara "Garbs" Dobbs was the model for Barbie, and Minnie Rae was named "The Little Countess" by Emperor Norton I and was an ancestor of Connie).

Binky the WonderSkull is the skull of one of the PreChurch Prophets of "Bob". He or she ("e") lived in the 8th century CE and inserted prophecies of the Coming of the "Bob" in the Necromonicon.


Binky was the skull of one of the original prophets who was possibly named Baradam. The prophet saw that references to "Bob" were included in Al Azif which was authored by Abdul Alhazred, sometimes called the "Mad Arab". (Some sources suggest Binky is Alhazred's skull, but this is debated). Al Azif was later called the Necronomicon. The prophet may have died in 735 CE, possibly by being eaten by the Jabberwocky which spit out the skull.


The fate of Binky was unknown for over a thousand years. The skull was reportedly discovered among fossils found by Miskatonic University Professor of Geology William Dyer and his team during the disastrous Pabodie Expedition to Anartica in 1930-31. (However, at least one account says the skull was found by Dyer in Australia's Great Sandy Desert). In any case, the skull was made part of the paleontology collection at Miskatonic.

The skull was stolen sometime in the 1950s or 1960s, possibly as part of a student prank. It was returned to the university in 1975 at the dissolution of the Early Church of the SubGenius. While some claim it was held by members of the Church, early Church members denied this.

It became an honor at Miskatonic to be named Keeper of Binky the WonderSkull. The skull was actually kept secured at the university, but the symbolic keeper was required to regularly check on it. Dr. Philo Drummond, a graduate of Miskatonic, acknowledged he was the keeper for 1976. Other keepers allegedly include Caitlin R. Kiernan and Dr. Sinister Craven.

The skull disappeared again, and was found on either 1 November 1991 or 1994 by Fargo the Homeless in a Southern California trash bin. Fearful of it being stolen again, the skull's current location is kept secret. It is variously rumored to be held by the university, Drummond,Rev. Ivan Stang, Dr. Sinister Craven, Toyalla, or Barbara Dobbs.

According to Uncyclopedia, "Binky the Wonderskull" was the "Illiminaughty" code name for American President Ronald Reagan. The skull is the namesake for author Binky The WonderSkull, contributor to The Sun, Planets, and Dwarf Planets (which describes Planet X) published by PediaPress. Binky is associated with the grave robber phrase, "Scoop up the fun." Stephen Colbert quoted this phrase in his first episode as host of The Late Show on September 8, 2015.

The Skull has appeared in several written works including The God of the Witches by Margaret Murray; some works by H.P. Lovecraft (especially when describing the Cult of the Skull); Ek-sen-trik-kuh Discordia by Reverend Loveshade; Principia Harmonia by Mythics of Harmonia; and allegedly Hamlet by William Shakespeare. As an artist's model, Binky appears in several pages of The Book of the SubGenius, Revelation X, and in The SubGenius Psychlopaedia of Slack.