Bob Dean

Bob Dean, self-proclaimed inspiration for J.R. "Bob" Dobbs

Not to be mistaken for Robert Dean or J.R. "Bob" Dobbs

Bob Dobbs aka Bob Dean claims to be the inspiration for J.R. "Bob" Dobbs and the Church of the SubGenius. This claim is generally not supported in SubGenius circles, and is disputed by Church founders.


Bob Dean is "a guy born in 1922 who has personally met Adolf Hitler, assisted in launching the career of Lyndon LaRouche, had inside knowledge of JFK's assassination, and introduced Prince Charles to Lady Diana."[1]. "The world that the Church of the SubGenius is actually based upon him – himself, personally."[2]

  • He [Stang] and Philo met me in 1978, in Dallas; when I was stationed there for the Secret Council of Ten. And, as young kids, they met me in a club. We had a couple of accidental (from their uninitiated view) meetings. But, in retrospect, they were preordained meetings, where I gave ‘em some info. As young, imprintable minds, they lapsed into this whole baroque spiral and creatively evolved Bob into this joke church, and joke religion and joke business; their psycho circus for the endtimes! All inspired by me!


Charter members (1953) of the Church of the SubGeniusEdit

  • I've known Bob Dean for years. He's not "Bob", but he does make me laugh.
  • Bob Dean is no more "Bob" Dobbs than I'm a time traveling robot from post World War III 2041.
  • I wish Bob Dean was me. Then in 1984 it would have been him instead of me who got assassinated. It's hot as Hell here.

Card-carrying members of the New (1979+) Church of the SubGeniusEdit

  • If you're researching the ancient history of the Church of the might stumble across a curiosity: Bob Dean, the so-called "Canadian Bob Dobbs"....all Dean has ever done is try to get attention for himself.
    • E.W. Modemac[4]
  • I did not want Bob Dean "playing" Bob Dobbs, because the worst-case scenario was that Dean would show up on David Letterman or someplace spouting crappy imitation SubGenius stuff and... what next? The Bob Dobbs Comedy Hour on Fox Network starring Bob Dean?
    • Rev. Ivan Stang[5]

Rant against Bob DeanEdit

"Bob" must always have quotation marks around his name, heretic! Anyone who leaves out the quotation marks isn't a real SubGenius. There is only one true "Bob" Dobbs and his full name is J. R. "Bob" Dobbs. All others are frauds, impersonators, kooks, and sinister agents of The Conspiracy.

There is some pink kook on alt.slack named Bob Dean who doesn't follow this rule, and he claims to be Bob Dobbs, without any quotation marks. Dean spouts rehashed McLuhan memes ("phatic communication", et al) and claimed he is so rich that soon he will "buy alt.scrubgenius." He also claims to be the person "Bob" is based on. As Rev Stang put it, "most people who say things like that live in dumpsters".

Here is video of Bob Dean (the most persistent out of all the losers claiming to be Bob Dobbs) being a crazy alt.slack kook:

Bob Dean compares himself to DaVinci

Bob Dean compares himself to DaVinci

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