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A vintage comic book starring bobot

bobot is an IRC bot at Taphouse Cabal, but quite different from Zeppo. bobot is a Supybot, so bobot mainly functions like an Infobot, but also has various plugins which do other things. The main Infobot functionality simply stores and retrieves text, although it understands several variables which can be used to make things slightly more interesting. A lot of people find bobot rather annoying since bobot constantly interrupts conversations whenever people make the mistake of asking questions with question marks at the end. This is easy to avoid, however: simply don't end anything you say in #subgenius with a question mark, and bobot won't respond to what you say. Here is an Xtranormal video of bobot talking to his teacher at school:


Here is a video of teX-Day where you can see the REAL bobot at 1:15: