One of the Sacred Rites of the SubGenius is the Bobtism. Similar to a Christian sect's baptism, it involves water and the laying on of hands by one of the Church Heirarchy (generally Rev. Ivan Stang or Dr. Hal Robins). However SubGenii are usually naked. There is always a mass Bobtism at X-day drills.

Bobtism was created during the PreChurch (pre 1953) era by the PreChurch Prophet of "Bob", JoX the Bobtist. JoX was supposed to Bobtize "Bob" on first meeting on a golf course in 1941. But as as the overly enthusiastic prophet interfered with "Bob"'s golf shot by licking his golf shoes, Dobbs kicked the prophet in the mouth, knocking the Bobbie into a water hazard. This was the first Bobtism done by "Bob". It cured the prophet's Bobbiness instantly.

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