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Leaping Ladies Lap Dancers at X-Day in 1998. Coco Dobbs is the dancer wearing green and black.

Coco A. Dobbs was the great-granddaughter of "Connie" Dobbs, and granddaughter, great-granddaughter, and great niece of J.R. "Bob" Dobbs. A message (received from a X-ist cyborg fetus removed from her dead body) at XX X-Day in 2017 began the Julyist-Maydieist Schism. This threatened to split the Church of the SubGenius.

Personal life[]

Coco Dobbs was born in Switzerland to Paderi Atiqah binte Paya and Hershite Cadbury-Dobbs in 1982. She later had a younger sister, Sara Beth, and a younger brother, Dago. Her mother, Paderi, became a Slackful Kids Club Nestler.

Coco attended the Moonstruck Organic Dance Academy. She and her fellow dancers were among the first to perform in the then new Gutard leotard, and hers was the first in green and black. As a teenager, she prepared and served drinks at the Ghira Deli.

She gave birth to a son, Choco, in early 1998.

Coco was a highly successful beauty pageant winner. She was named Miss Swiss Preteen in 1994 and, well into her first pregnancy in 1997, Miss Oval Teen. She received an honorary title at the first X-Day in 1998 as Miss Godiva.

Coco died of mysterious causes in 1998. The mystery of her death wasn't revealed until the X-Day Drill of 2017. The solution threatened the future existence of the Church of the SubGenius.


X-Day I[]

Expected attendees for X-Day I.

Coco attended the first X-Day in June and July of 1998. While attendees believed the X-ists had failed to arrive in their Pleasure Saucers, at least once saucer did arrive on July 5. According to Dr. K'Taden Legume who found it in 2017, it was a "very tiny" saucer. According to Legume, it only affected one person.

"The X-ists, having arrived in their tiny little saucer, realized that there was no way they were going to make it back to Planet X" (12:39), said Legume. "The saucer--there's no really delicate way of putting this--the saucer flew up into the reproductive organs of a female SubGenius that we're not going to name. The saucer chose this particular female SubGenius because she had the most concentrated Dobbs' DNA...a higher level than anybody else there." (12:59) (The female's legal identity was revealed by Choco Dobbs soon after XX X-Day which he had attended. He revealed the woman to have been his mother, Coco Dobbs. For privacy reasons, her SubGenius identity is still being kept secret.) Because Coco was granddaughter, great-granddaughter, and great niece of "Bob" Dobbs through his sister Bobra Dobbs, she had a great deal of Dobbs' DNA.

The saucer harvested the Dobbs DNA, and attempted to meld it with X-ist technology to create a "storage device" to store access codes to contact the X-ists.

Coco died in 1998 before the device-baby could be born or even fully formed. Because the device was still in early embryonic stage, and because the saucer was miniature, neither were discovered, and the body of Coco was buried.

X-Day XX (prequel)[]

Poster for XX X-Day.

Dr. K'Taden Legume learned of a Washington state storage locker rented by J.R. "Bob" Dobbs. The SubGenius Foundation had received a bill on Jan. 1, 2016, that payment on the locker was overdue. After being given the address of the facility by Rev. Ivan Stang, Legume went there and found several items including a blueprint for contacting the X-ists. He also found information about the miniature saucer that had arrived in 1998.

Dr. Legume exhumed Coco's body. After performing an autopsy, he discovered the tiny X-ist saucer and the information storage device, or cyborg fetus, it had attempted to build.

Meanwhile, an announced indoor reunion of the Early Church of the SubGenius foreshadowed the coming threat to the Church.

X-Day XX (cyborg fetus)[]

On Mid Year's Day, Sunday, July 2 at XX X-Day, Legume said information with the cyborg fetus indicated 75980700 was not a date (7th month, 5th day, year 1998, time 07:00), but a phone number. (Stang mentioned phone numbers having been shorter then, but an eye witness claimed the written number was 7519980700, which would be a complete phone number).

In an extremely dangerous experiment performed live, Rev. Ivan Stang connected with the cyborg fetus. After reciting a SubGenius incantation or chant to connect with the device, Stang was hit, apparently with psionic alien waves, went into a violent spasm, and died. He was, however, soon revived. However, some witnesses reported that his mind was replaced or at least taken over by a X-ist psionic implant that now controls his body and mind.

X-Day XX (Julyist vs. Maydieist)[]

After recovering from his brief death (or being replaced), Stang said he received a vision of the mysterious number. Through his "sound-feelings-colors" experience, Rev. Ivan Stang (or his replacement) said the date for the true X-Day was not the 7th month, 5th day, the standard American usage for 7 5 as had long been believed. Instead, it was the 7th day of the 5th month, which is the European standard notation. The time was not 7 a.m., but 7 p.m. He said "The World Ends Tomorrow and You May Die" had previously hinted at the month being May, not July. However, Stang did not learn the year, and as a result cursed "Bob".

Stang said he also received a vision or sense of knowledge of the long-believed "Fuck them if they can't take a joke." He specified that "fuck" was not meant to be taken sexually.

Stang believed the contact with the cyborg fetus had been intended for J.R. "Bob" Dobbs as the Third Emaculation of "Bob". Stang feared the revelation of May 7 as X-Day instead of July 5 could create something like a schism in the Church.

"This could be like a schism in the Church," said Stang. "it could lead to a complete disruption. There's going to be the Ju-, Julyists and the Maydieists, or whatever, something like that. They're all going to hate each other, and they're all going to hate me the most 'cause that's how it works, isn't it?" (30:32) He even said people would stone him.

Some witnesses (the Julyists) reported that the replacement or "Evil Twin" Stang actually wanted Church members to stone the real Stang to death so that the evil twin could take over completely. Others (the Maydiests) believed the post-revival Stang is the original who fears both for his life and the future of the Church.

Stang (or his replacement) even announced plans for a possible indoor SubGenius gathering on May 7. SubGenii who had challenged the concept of an indoor event by the Early Church of the SubGenius were appalled at the apparent reversal of long-standing SubGenius tradition.

In either case, the Julyist-Maydieist Schism threatens to destroy the Church of the SubGenius.

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