Cult of the Month is a service offered by ShudderBooks Corporation Specific Benefit Corporation (SBCSBC)[SBC2]{SBC}<[]>[1]. It is a subscription service that offers its members a new Short Duration Personal Savior once a month.

"Cult of the Month is a Belief System (BS) Subscription service that enrolls it's members into a new cult on the 23rd of every month.  Cult of the Month has declared that every sentient creature, both “real” and imagined are now members of Cult of the Month.It's motto is 'Let's Immanentize the Eschaton, Together.'"

But as all true SubGeniiTM know, the eschaton will not be immanentized until the TRUE SUBGENII are Ruptured and the X-ists come to DESTROY EARTH. Those other cults will do you just fine until the X-ists come! But go ahead and join Cult of the Month. Connie Dobbs reportedly said she will join because it can TICKLE YOUR SLACK and can give you a new Short Duration Personal Savior on the 23rd of every month with no effort on your part! And it greatly increases your options for SEX PARTNERS because it includes EVERY SENTIENT CREATURE real or imagined! Let your imagination go WILD!

But in the meantime make sure you pay your membership and that you are ordained as a SUBGENIUSTM minister if you don't want your LIFE TO END or be FOREVER ENSLAVED (if you're lucky) when the X-ists Come!

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  1. And that kids, is how you make a sigil! Reduce down to a figure.
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