Dobbs Ikon

The Dobbs Ikon

The Dobbs Ikon (a.k.a. SubGenius Ikon, "Bob" Order Icon or Sacred Ikon) is a symbol of the Church of the SubGenius, much like the Dobbshead. It is a symbol of J.R. "Bob" Dobbs and Slack, and replaced the Early SubGenius cross.

Its origin is highly debated by SubGenii. It was either designed by Dr. Legume in the year 23 A.D. using Time Control, or was created by Rev. Jesus Bevilacqua and given to the masses at rant during an X-Day Drill. While SubGenii disagree, most agree the first origin is the most plausible.

History (ancient Legume version)Edit

Dr. Legume traveled to the year 23 A.D. in ancient Rome. In addition to the version of the cross commonly used by modern SubGenii, he also invented a variant of it for the ancient Romans. This cross, which had only one horizontal and one verticle line, was designed to crucify criminals and political dissidents. This is commonly known as the cross or the crucifix. He worked closely with Roman Emperor Tiberius to ensure its widespread usage.

A decade later, in 33 A.D., the Christian savior, Jesus Christ, was crucified on a cross. Tiberius's successor as Emperor, Caligula, was a true SubGenius, and so he made even more widespread use of the cross to crucify his opponents.

The cross is still used today by Christians to crucify heretics, blasphemers, heathens, infidels, atheists, agnostics, pagans, witches, and wizards. The only difference is that the Romans used the cross by itself to kill their opponents through a slow and painful death, while Christians burn their opponents at the stake with large bonfires. While Christians may think that their cross is the original cross, they are unfortunately misinformed on this topic, as well as many others. (For instance they think there will be a "Rapture" instead of a Rupture, and they don't know that Jehovah 1 is an alien who still threatens Planet Earth). Regardless, the Dobbs Ikon is the one TRUE cross/crucifix, the ORIGINAL, and the other cross and crucifix designs designed since then are all rip-offs of it.

History (modern Jesus version)Edit

Dobbs ikon chrome

A fancier version of the Dobbs Ikon by Gypsie Skripto.

The idea of needing a simpler sacred SubGenii ikon was first introduced by Dr. Legume at an X-Day event. He said, "Hey Jesus, that grinning 'Bob' face is so stupid, and kids can't draw it on their notebooks at school. The Church of Satan is killing us in the high school notebook social media arena."

So Jesus designed a symbol of J. R. "Bob" Dobbs and Slack. It had 3 horizontal lines for "Bob's" eyes, nose, and mouth, and one vertical line for the height of his head, combined with 2 diagonal lines for his pipe full of frop.

However, Jesus felt his original design lacked the uniformity and sacred geometry of most religious symbols. So he created a variant where the cross bars are uniformly spaced and at proportional lengths. This became known as the Bevilacquia variant, even though both designs were created by him.

A vicious schism sprang up almost immediately between the purists led by Dr. Legume and the variants led by Bevilacqua. Over the years, the original design became the more popular among most SubGeniuses. According to the variant Schism, this led to the failure of the Ikon to ever surpass the inverted pentagram as the symbol of rebellious youths.

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