The family of "Bob" and "Connie" Dobbs is varied and has a rich and controversial history. Many of the facts about the family are highly debated.

"Bob" DobbsEdit

Bob and B.J. Dobbs

Brother and sister "Bob" and "B.J." Dobbs. You can see the family resemblance.

  • Xinucha-Chi-Xan M. Dobbs: pharmacist; husband of Jane; officially father of "Bob"; American immigrant and descendant of the only Spanish Mayans; apparently died in 1949 during a chemical explosion in his store[1]
  • Jane McBride Dobbs: homemaker; wife of Xinucha-Chi-Xan; mother of "Bob"; American of Irish descent; sometimes called "The Divine Virgin"[2]
  • The unknown father: his identity is unknown and he may not even exist; however, there is some suspicion that the biological father of "Bob" was a Jewish milkman[3]
  • J.R. "Bob" Dobbs: son born 1920s in the midwestern United States, possibly Dallas, Texas (details are purposely kept secret), to Jane and Xinucha-Chi-Xan (?); salesman; model; novelty item inventor; Sultan of Slack; founder of Church of the SubGenius
  • Judas J. "Jim" Dobbs (aka "Dick" Dobbs): son born in probably 1920s in Dallas, Texas to Jane and Xinucha-Chi-Xan (?); possibly twin of "Bob" (sources disagree--Jim may be younger than Rod); slackless workaholic; called the "Evil Brother" and "The Unclean One" and associated with the Anti-"Bob"; founder of the infamous but failed Cult of the Mystic Annihilation[4]
  • Rod Dobbs: son born in probably 1920s or 1930s in Dallas, Texas to Jane and Xinucha-Chi-Xan; called the "Weak Brother;" believed retired or deceased but last known to have worked in a canning factory in California[5]
  • Bobra "B.J." Dobbs: daughter born 1920s in Dallas, Texas to Jane and Xinucha-Chi-Xan; saleswoman; actress in the 1940s to 1950s in Blow Job Hairdryer commercials; slacker; "second wife" (probably through ShorDurMar) of J.R. "Bob" Dobbs (she is often mistaken for "Connie" Dobbs); for her commercial work nicknamed "Blow Job Dobbs" (while she's called Bobra, some claim "B.J." may stand for Bobbie Jo, Billie Jo, or Betty Jo).[6]
  • N'Xlccx Dobbs: father of Xinucha-Chi-Xan M. Dobbs; grandfather of "Bob"; lived wth the family and told "Bob" of the Spanish Mayan Underground (to the dismay of Xinucha-Chi-Xan)[7]
  • Charles Fort: born 1874 in New York, "Bob"'s third cousin, American writer and researcher into anomalous phenomena[8]
  • Hannibal Shirley Dobbs: born 1830s and raised in New Orleans but later moved to Dallas, Texas; friend of the Fugawi Indians; legally great+ grandfather of "Bob"; U.S. Army bugler and captain's assistant at Fort Courage. Appears in fictionalized form in the television series F-Troop[9]
  • Elwood Dobbs: lumber buyer based in Westham, Virginia, in the 1930s who once picked up hitchhiker J.R. "Jim-Bob" Walton. Appears in fictionalized form in The Waltons' episode "The Runaway" where "Jim-Bob" (like "Bob" Dobbs) wanted to join the U.S. Army; in the episode, "Jim-Bob" buys something to eat at Connie's Bakery. Exact relationship to "Bob" Dobbs is unknown[10]
  • J.R. "Fiver" Dobbs V: Grandson of J.R. "Bob" Dobbs, father of Bonnie Dobbs.

Constance "Connie" Marsh DobbsEdit

Tumblr lfaf99CBVB1qe5jjuo1 400

"Connie" Dobbs and her cousin Anna Hathaway. You can see the family resemblance.

  • Mary "Minnie Rae" Simpson: Great-Grandmother of Connie, soiled dove named "The Little Countess" by Emperor Norton I; possible model for Wendy Darling of Peter Pan & Wendy
  • Bartholomew Simpson: Grandfather (maternal) of Connie, son of Minnie Rae
  • Mr. Marsh: Father of Connie
  • Mrs. Simpson-Marsh: Mother of Connie
  • Anna Hathaway: possible cousin of Connie, actress
  • Jean Marsh, possible cousin of Connie, actress and writer
  • J.R. Marshall, possible cousin of Connie, named after "Bob", projectionist-bartender and early Discordian
  • Katelyn "Kat" Davis: Granddaughter of Connie Dobbs, mother of Bonnie Dobbs

"Bob" and "Connie"Edit

"Bob" and "Connie" have had many children, grandchildren, and nieces and nephews. Their identities are usually kept secret for their protection.  The names of their sons were finally revealed in a revised version of the Book of the SubGenius, then later Rev. Ivan Stang finally revealed the name of their daughter who has an extremely famous copy as does their eldest son.

"Bob" has certainly, and "Connie" reportedly, had children with others.  They both practiced a form of "polygyny" or "pollyamory."


The children they had together are:

  • Barbara "Garbs" Marsh-Dobbs: She was born out of wedlock on March 9, 1944, and until her parents' marriage in 1955 was said to be (and believed she was) Connie's younger sister.  Her image is even more famous than that of her father's, for she is the model for the Barbie doll.[11] [12]
  • Bubba Marsh-Dobbs: Bubba was born on March 11 or 13, 1946, and until his parents' marriage in 1955 was said to be (and believed he was) Connie's younger brother.  His image is almost as famous as his sister's, for he is the model for the Ken doll, Barbie's long-time boyfriend.[13]
  • J.R. "Bobby" Dobbs Jr.: He was the first of their children to be born in wedlock, which is why he bears his father's name.
  • Adam Kadmon: The third son and the second born in wedlock.
  • Shem: The fourth son and the third born in wedlock.
  • Shaun: The fifth son and the fourth born in wedlock.

Grandchildren and Great-GrandchildrenEdit

They are too numerous to list, but here are a few.

  • Bonita "Bonnie" Dobbs: Great-granddaughter. Daughter of J.R. "Fiver" Dobbs V and Katelyn "Kat" Davis. Like her great-grandparents, a promiscuous model. Frequently attends X-Day events under her unknown SubGenius name.
  • Coco Dobbs: Great-granddaughter of "Connie", and Granddaughter, Great-granddaughter, and great niece of "Bob". Attended the first X-Day in 1998, then was "impregnated" by a tiny X-ist saucer and soon died. Her body and the cyborg fetus it contained were exhumed in 2017 by Dr. K'Taden Legume.
  • J.C. "Cob" Dobbs: Great-grandson or great-grandson-in-law.