Earth being destroyed on X-Day

Earth (pronounced and registered as Errff) is the planet that is home to both humans and SubGenii, but will be destroyed by X-ists on X-Day, when the SubGenii are Ruptured and the humans all get killed by the giant lasers of the Pleasure Saucers. This will take place on July 5, 1998. SubGenii will end up safely on Planet X and be pleasured by Alien Sex Goddesses, while the fate of the humans will be determined by the debate between Ivangelicals and Holocaustals. After this, whatever remains of Earth will become a hellish place known as "Hell on Earth", ruled by Bozos, as documented in the documentary film from the future called Let's Visit the World of the Future.

Hollow Earth Edit

Earth is also a hollow planet, full of a grid of tunnels inside, and deep within the Hollow Earth dwell many foul demons of the abyss, including the Advanced Supersonic Nazi Hell Creatures from Beneath the Hollow Earth, twisted minions of the Elder Gods. There are many Aether transport tunnels and servants of the conspiracy around. They guard the secrets of teleportation, immortality, science, and religion. Depending on where you are you on "ERRFF," you might find an island that has a nice wormhole directly into the Inner Earth where you might find all sorts of Dinosaurs and extinct creatures and beings. Some of them so poorly defined that they are scarcely imagined.

Hell on Earth Edit

Here is a rap video called "Hell on Earth" by rappers Mobb Deep, where, near the end of the video (right at 2:43), the events of X-Day start to unfold exactly as Jehovah 1 predicted in his PreScriptures:

Mobb Deep-Hell on Earth (Front Lines)

Mobb Deep-Hell on Earth (Front Lines)

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