GE FM radio antistatic demonstration 1940

A 1940 demonstration of the mind-controlling potential of FM radio signals. The man on the right has activated a suggestion on the man on the left to "scratch my balls."

The FM Radio Conspiracy was a decades-long secret mind control project that began as an experiment during World War II. As tin foil was increasingly used in hats to block amplitude modulation (AM) mind control signals, the American Central Intelligence Agency's MKULTRA project began secretly pushing aluminum foil instead of tinfoil while disguised as aluminum siding salesmen. The CIA promoted the harder to block frequency modulation (FM). This became a precursor to subliminal mind-control first used in television broadcasts in 1953 by JHVH-1 to influence J.R. "Bob" Dobbs.

Mind modulationEdit

OverMan tunes his head

An OverMan tuning his "head" from "Contacting the Alien Xist Visitor-Managers" by Puzzling Evidence.

Frequency modulation is a form of mental modulation which conveys information over a carrier wave by varying its frequency (contrast this with amplitude modulation, in which the amplitude of the carrier is varied while its frequency remains constant).[1] In analog applications, the instantaneous frequency of the carrier is directly proportional to the instantaneous value of the input signal, meaning an FM signal plants itself immediately in the brain without the static found in AM broadcasts. This form of modulation is commonly used in the FM broadcast band which affects the human brain more effectively than AM signals and is also harder to block. However, Overmen and UberFemmes are capable of "tuning their heads" to avoid this influence.[2]


FM broadcasting was pioneered by Edwin Howard Armstrong who patented wide-band FM on December 26, 1933. Armstrong was aware of research that showed evidence of the affects of AM radio waves on the human brain, and was attempting to develop a safer alternative. In 1927, Julian Huxley, PhD, had published the scientific paper showing the AM effects that was titled "The Psychotropic Effects of Radio Waves on Human Brain Tissue on the Indigenous Culture of King Township, Polk County, Minnesota." At the time it was thought these effects were only produced by AM radio, as FM broadcasts had not yet occurred. FM radio was originally thought to be safe.

Project Golf CourseEdit

It wasn't until World War II that the psychotropic effects of FM broadcasting began to be discovered. But for many years it was believed this had never gone beyond the experimental stage.

A report to be released later this year shows differently. Because of concern about radio and television being used to mind control Americans during World War II, The War Production Board halted the manufacture of television and radio equipment for civilian use from 22 April 1942 to 20 August 1945.

But The War Department used it for its own purposes. In Project Golf Course, 1940s German FM broadcasts were secretly manipulated by United States agents including J.R. "Bob" Dobbs. A broadcast continually repeated the subliminal message "Ich möchte Borschtsch" ("I want borsch"). The plan was to drive German soldiers to go AWOL and head peacefully east for some nice beet soup. Instead, it influenced the German leaders including Adolph Hitler to violently invade the Soviet Union--for some nice beet soup. Operation Barbarossa (German: Unternehmen Barbarossa) was the code name for Nazi Germany's invasion of the Soviet Union during World War II, which began on 22 June 1941.[3]

Project MKULTRAEdit

While experiments in mind control began during the war, they later became part of the American Central Intelligence Agencies' MK-ULTRA mind control experiments.

CIA documents suggest that "chemical, biological and radiological" means were investigated for the purpose of mind control as part of MKUltra. A secret memorandum granted the MKUltra director up to six percent of the CIA research budget in fiscal year 1953, the year the Church of the SubGenius began, without oversight or accounting. An estimated $10 million USD (roughly $87.5 million adjusted for inflation) or more was spent.

THe FM "radiological" part of the project was to induce teenagers and young adults to listen to rock and roll on FM stations which would influence them to try marijuana and LSD, making them more susceptible to CIA mind control. LSD was the primary drug used for MKULTRA.


In 1966, American psychologist Dr. Timothy Leary began popularizing the phrase "Turn on, tune in, drop out." Leary did not originate the phrase; it was given to him by Marshall McLuhan, a Canadian philosopher of communication theory. It was McLuhan who predicted the World Wide Web and coined the expression "the medium is the message," a reference to secret signals being broadcast to the mind.

The meaning of the phrase was debated for decades, but in light of the FM Radio Conspiracy becomes clear. It means "turn on" your radio, "tune in" to an FM station, and "drop out" of society.

The ResistanceEdit

The plot was that intelligent and idealistic young people would turn on, tune in, drop out and, ideally, overdose and die. Either way, the Establishment aka The CONSPIRACY could remain in control.

But Leary and others became aware of the plot, and subverted it to fight the Establishment. They fought back in both AM and FM broadcasts. The French Resistance Reboot leader Napoleon WIV used backward masking in the 1966 single "They're Coming to Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa!" It became a warning of the MKULTRA plot to "take away" the future of and power of youth through forced mental illness.

The Beatles used backward masking to warn of the plot in "Revolution 9" on the album The Beatles, usually called The White Album. Backwards, the phrase "turn me on, dead man" is repeated over and over, describing the MKULTRA plot.


The mind-controlling power of FM radio became less important after the beginning of national broadcast television in American in 1949. While J.R. "Bob" Dobbs was working on a television set, the alien Sin God JHVH-1 used it to contact "Bob". "Bob" turned JHVH-1's proclamations into his own, and created the ultimate backward masking that worked in AM, FM, and television broadcasts. For "Bob" backwards is still pronounced "Bob".

To help others, "Bob" formed the Church of the SubGenius in 1953, shortly after receiving the broadcast. Church members can learn to resist mind control, and those who become OverMen and UberFemmes can tune it out completely. However, without "Bob", the human and even Yetinsyny can be manipulated by AM, FM, and television broadcasts.[4].


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