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Sarah Palin has secretly been the leader of a crazy cult called the Church of the SubGenius for decades, covering it up by imitating the sound of a male voice when she does SubGenius stuff, and going by the pseudonym Rev. Ivan Stang. For 26 years, Sarah Palin, under the fake pseudonym Rev. Ivan Stang, has done a radio show and now also Internet podcast called the Hour of Slack, part of her whole Church of the SubGenius which worships "Bob", her crazy pipe-smoking uncle who molested her when she was a child. And her followers, who call themselves the Church of the SubGenius, have been big fans of all this, but they have not been paying her any money at all for the radio show she has done all these years, not a single cent. Notice how the audience is clapping but not giving her any money? Yeah. I thought so.

Now Sarah Palin is at a point of psychological and financial meltdown as a cult leader, threatening to stop doing her radio show and shut down which is the website of her cult, and move back in with her pappy in Texas. Someone she thought was her best friend, who also does a SubGenius radio show, even cheered her demise, along with 2 other Pink assholes. Now she is threatening to shut down the entire Church of the SubGenius cult unless we meet her demands of sending her AT LEAST ONE CENT of money. But all is not lost! Simply send in ALL YOUR MONEY and the cult will keep going, Sarah Palin will recover emotionally and financially, and everything will be just fine! Right now our cult is completely bankrupt, no longer able to make a profit, so we need every penny we can get. Have any gold or unwanted jewelry? Go to one of those websites to exchange it for money, then send the money to us! Our bankrupt cult needs every penny or else we will be forced to liquidate our assets and sell them all to rival cults such as the Scientologists. IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT? Of course not! If the Scientologists had our assets after our cult went bankrupt, they would inherit the contractual rights to go on the Pleasure Saucers to Planet X when the world ends on X-Day, July 5, 1998, and they could reclassify US SUBGENII as Pinks and zap US with lasers from the Pleasure Saucers while having amazing sex with Alien Sex Goddesses!

Please, help Sarah Palin and the Church of the SubGenius avoid imminent bankruptcy, and help us continue fighting the Conspiracy alongside the reanimated corpse of J.R. "Bob" Dobbs, that perverted uncle who molested Sarah Palin as a child but who we now worship for his legendary salesmanship and out of fear that he will eat our brains. Donate money today: please go to where there are instructions on how to help our struggling cult, the Church of the SubGenius, as well as our cult leader, Sarah Palin, a.k.a. Rev. Ivan Stang. We REALLY need the money. You can also listen to past episodes of the Hour of Slack there, participate in live chat with fellow cultists, and look at propaganda our cult has made, including lots of naughty pictures. EVERY PENNY MATTERS. If you have a billion dollars to spare, can't you just give us a billion dollars PLUS an extra cent, with the extra cent included just to show that you CARE? If you don't donate any money to us after watching this video, good luck ever getting any SLACK, because you won't have any!

Video content is from Sarah Palin's 2008 address to the Republican National Convention. Audio content is from Hour of Slack #1327.5XXX, Internet-Only X-Rated: The Hour of Slack's Final Hour?

This video is copyright (c) 2011 The SubGenius Foundation, Inc. All rights reserved.

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