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Important Message for Card-Carrying SubGenius Ministers

At least three of the admins here (as of 27 July 2017) are card-carrying paid members in the Church of the SubGenius; this can be verified by the Church. This is only important for Copyright section 1 (see also About Wikia below).


  1. The Church of the SubGenius has traditionally let card-carrying Church members use content from copyrighted church publications, including images, both to promote the Church and to illustrate their own Church-related work. If this is in error, if the Church formerly but no longer allows its paid members such use, or if the Church of the SubGenius restricts the use of Church material only to "inner circle" members or otherwise restricts use to some members and not others, Church officials are asked to let this site's administrators/sysops know and we will let others know.
  2. If any copyrighted material is used without proper credit being given, or even if any public domain work is used and not credited and you know the creator(s), let a site administrator know how credit should be given and we will give it. Or even better you can add it yourself.
  3. If any material to which you own copyright appears here and you did not give permission for it to be used, you may file a DMCA Request. (No, we can't just take your word for it--we were inundated with impersonators.)

Original ResearchEdit

  1. According to a 1987 Church of the SubGenius pamphlet, "the official High Priest/Priestess I.D. card that comes with membership encourages the new SubGenius to twist the Church for his own ends."[1]
  2. According to Rev. Mary Magdalen, "Reverends...take it as a sacred duty to make up beliefs as they go along, stamping out dogmaticism wherever it rears its head."[2]
  1. According to The Overmind (aka General Public, this website's founder), "this wiki is not intended to be a factual wiki, but instead a wiki following the idea of "truthiness", and content that is completely made up or a half-truth or a flat-out lie or ridiculous nonsense or mythology is just as welcome as truthful content, except for some things which are in fact intended to be truthful." [3]

About WikiaEdit

While Wikia graciously allows editors of a wikia site to use it as if they "own" it, in legal reality (which includes is registered to Wikia, Inc. This site is respectful to, but is not a part of,

The vast majority of the 300,000+ websites of Wikia are fan sites written and administrated by people who have no official connection with their topic. A few, such as Uncyclopedia, are exclusively or almost exclusively for original material. SubGenius Wikia Clench both traditionally and currently is a combination of a fan site about already existing material and a venue for original material.

It is a violation of Wikia policy to require an editor to be a member of a particular group. Wikia also recommends editors do not give out their personal information on Wikia, and in some cases even asking for such personal information violates Wikia's Terms of Use (see links below). In addition, coercing a member of the Church to give out personal information through a public forum violates both standard Church of the SubGenius practice and the policy established by the founder of this website (The Overmind aka General Public).


If you see anything on this page that you believe is in error, please contact an administrator. One or more editors will review your suggestions, and if we believe it is an error, will fix it.

Policy linksEdit

The Community Portal has an outline of the site and links to pages to help you learn how to edit. As this is Wikia, pay attention to Wikia's Terms of Use and Wikia Community Guidelines. Community Creation Policy states that editing/administrating a wikia site cannot be restricted to members of a particular group, including the Church of the SubGenius. As this is SubGenius Wiki, check About/Rules. Also check Editing Tools.

Message from JoX the BobtistEdit

"Dear fellow Card-Carrying SubGenius Ministers" (Message from JoX the Bobtist) (link added at poster's request)

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