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Nobody's Nobody01:37, 20 January 2022Miley Spears
Stephen Paddock18:22, 14 November 2021Pope Hildegard
Pope Hildegard & Miley Spears: Sockpuppets?21:57, 2 March 2021Pope Hildegard
Intermittens 12: UnFaithopedia02:52, 11 February 2021Miley Spears
Intermittens: In the Beginning14:16, 9 February 2021Pope Hildegard
Change Name of Clench18:28, 15 January 2021Pope Hildegard
Dobbswood Planting22:37, 19 March 2020Miley Spears
New Announcements Feature18:31, 17 July 2018Miley Spears
Card Carrying SubGenius Ministers17:04, 14 November 2017213.55.211.54
Should We Fund the Documentary16:39, 3 November 2017Pope Hildegard
Our Pledge to Slacking Towards Bethlehem04:57, 2 November 2017Miley Spears
New Churchies Slacking Towards Bethlehem Documentary02:28, 28 October 2017JoX the Bobtist
Proposed Content Moderator04:00, 16 August 2017Miley Spears
Wanted articles (Sept. 2016)20:04, 27 January 2017JoX the Bobtist
Connie Dobbs Wiki23:21, 17 January 2017Bonnie Dobbs
Santa "Bob"18:05, 6 December 2016Pope Hildegard
Two for One Church Membership Now!18:02, 4 December 2016Pope Hildegard
SubGenius Wikia Clench:About (changes)18:12, 7 October 2016Pope Hildegard
Template Delete02:31, 29 September 2016Miley Spears
New Poll19:07, 12 September 2016Miley Spears
Who Decides22:59, 23 June 2016Miley Spears
Proposed Secondary JoX the Bobtist22:11, 25 February 2016Pope Hildegard
Tertiary Voters16:59, 23 November 2015Pope Hildegard
Proposed Bureaucrat The Overmind04:50, 22 November 2015Miley Spears
Admin Coordination20:26, 16 November 2015Pope Hildegard
Writing a good article21:06, 28 October 2015Miley Spears
Changing Your User Name00:40, 24 October 2015Miley Spears
Proposed Admin The Overmind02:12, 21 October 2015Miley Spears
Accidental Imports03:28, 18 October 2015Miley Spears
Importing and Copying03:26, 18 October 2015Miley Spears
Category SubGenius03:21, 18 October 2015Miley Spears
Renname Watercooler03:19, 18 October 2015Miley Spears
New Welcome03:19, 18 October 2015Miley Spears
Minor edit blitz03:18, 18 October 2015Miley Spears
Admin Removal13:10, 17 October 2015Pope Hildegard
Adopt SubGenius Wikia Clench03:14, 17 October 2015Miley Spears
SubGenius Wikia Clench:About--Proposed Changes21:05, 15 October 2015Pope Hildegard
Who Should Administer this Website14:04, 11 October 2015Pope Hildegard
Proposed Admin Ivan Stang10:53, 11 October 2015PatrickCunningham
Staff Kudos to Our Site15:24, 9 October 2015Pope Hildegard
Proposed Bureaucrat04:51, 9 October 2015Miley Spears
How to Get What You Want Here02:35, 3 October 2015Miley Spears
Dear fellow Card-Carrying SubGenius Ministers20:40, 28 September 2015Pope Hildegard
Shemitah02:48, 24 September 2015Miley Spears
Stephen Colbert15:41, 18 September 2015Pope Hildegard
Vanity Policy13:27, 16 September 2015Pope Hildegard
200 Articles04:23, 7 September 2015Miley Spears
Proposed Admin16:47, 1 September 2015Pope Hildegard
Remove Admin14:56, 20 August 2015Pope Hildegard
Welcome to the watercooler19:28, 6 August 2015Pope Hildegard
SubGenii on Discordia Wiki19:21, 6 August 2015Pope Hildegard