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Creators of Slacking Towards Bethlehem,

I do not know if you received my previous missive on this topic, sent from a different account or not. That account has unfortunately been closed.

I am interested in your proposal to be interviewed for the Church of the SubGenius documentary. I know little about the modern Church (1979/1980+) but know more shit than I should about the Early Church (1953-1975), and some about the PreChurch (before 1953).

You should understand, though, that some established SubGenii consider me subversive and an "icky" sockpuppeteer. I supposedly created a (fake?) in-door competition to X-Day (the Early Church of the SubGenius Reunion) that was a cover for a real outdoor event in 2017, and oversaw the takeover of the SubGenius Wikia Clench, the second most popular SubGenius site on the InterWebs (after itself).

I agree with Rev. Ivan Stang that the Church of the SubGenius actually began in 1953 (Dr. Philo Drummond says 1955), even though records only show it going back to 1979 (SubGenius Foundation beginning in 1980). I claim to be the 10th PreChurch Prophet of "Bob" born to the famed prophetess Joanna Southcott in 1814, and the one who actually discovered J.R. "Bob" Dobbs on the 13th hole of a Texas golf course in July 1941. I claim to have contributed to The SubGenius Hymnal and to have written much of The Holy Boble (The Bobspell According to JoX, The Revulsion of JoX the Bobtist, etc.)

I am supposedly the bad guy behind the overthrow of SubGenius Wikia Clench to which I responded here. The SubGenius Facebook Czar Reverand Peas (yes, spelled Reverand) did a short video on me and my supposed sockpuppets/groupies and the Early Church of the SubGenius here There's an article on me I claim is mostly true at JoX the Bobtist.

Note also that Rev. Ivan Stang is now proposing a real indoor SubGenius event based on a revelation in the last X-Day, and that the Early Church of the SubGenius Reunion was apparently the inspiration for it.

Understand I will only agree to be interviewed while masked.

WARNING: Some might claim that, actually, I'm really a pretty normal guy who had a lot of fun handing out SubGenius Pamplet #1 back in 1979-1980. Some might say I'm one of the founding members from back then who was inactive for years, then returned. Some might wonder if I think the anti-Establishment Church of the SubGenius has been around so long it's gotten stuck in its own dogma and become its own Establishment, so I created this silly Early Church and PreChurch crap to shake things up. And some might believe I did it because I thought they'd get a kick out of it, just like they did when I created material used in SubGenius publications under a different name. But I will deny any of that.

Fuck them if they can't take a joke. JoX the Bobtist (talk) 04:13, October 19, 2017 (UTC) (proof of irrevocable Early Church of the SubGenius membership (1953) available upon request)

Contact jox (at)

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