A rare 2-headed, 8-legged giraffe

They're 23 foot tall, have giraffe tails, giraffe tongues, movable giraffe ears and ossicones. What more needs to be said fnord?

As far as they relate to the Church of the SubGenius, the giraffeless argue that "Giraffes are obviously part of The Conspiracy. They use their long necks and tall height to spy on us. Why else would they be tall?". After considered analysis, the giraffeful also argue they are part of The Conspiracy with the reasoning "who the hell would want to be stuck on the saucers with you fucks".

These 2 giraffes in Tanzania in this video sure love fightin' each othar (they're part of an illegal giraffe-fighting ring where people bet on fights):

Fighting Giraffes - Excellent Footage

Fighting Giraffes - Excellent Footage

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