Guy Deuel, (or 'GGG' as he is affectionately called by his adoring and impressionable penis warmers.) founded Church of the SubGenius in 1910, shortly after Deuel's 35th birthday...  At least, this is the impression one would get by scrolling through Guy's aforementioned ego-fueled Facebook group, which currently boasts over 10k members. 

Deuel feels an incredible amount of unwarranted self-importance due to the size of his online community, thinking such trivialities make him superior to other SubGenii. Surrounded by social ladder climbers and other assorted sycophants has only inflated GGG's ego that much more.

Compounded by the severe alzheimer's Deuel suffers from (as a result of his extremely old age), it seems only a matter of time before he intentionally runs his 72' Honda station wagon into a crowd of innocent pedestrians while raging over criticism and "newbs" on the internet. 

Older Brother Of Dennis 'BTK' RaderEdit

Guy Deuel is the older brother of notorious serial killer, Dennis Rader , who also happens to be a card carrying member of the SubGenius community. It is rumored that Guy even prepped his younger brother for a life of serial murder, exclusively for bragging rights that he not only invented The Church Of The SubGenius, but created one of America's most prolific and sadistic serial murderers.


Admins, Admins As Far As The Eye Can See!Edit

Guy employs around 20 hapless individuals whose sole purpose is to defend their Supreme Leader, and deflect any posts they believe Guy may not enjoy via their stringent "post approval" regulations. These people, who are generally good-hearted, if only completely misguided, are abused by Deuel who has gone so far as to chew out one of his administrators publically on their personal Facebook page , likely related to a missed dose of insulin, and general pink disposition.

Sex FreakEdit

Nicknamed "GGG" after the extreme BDSM adult video production company otherwise known as "German Goo Girls ." (WARNING: Link NSFW)   


Burning Hatred For DiscordiansEdit

We currently unsure what Discordians did to Guy which left him with such an all-consuming disdain for followers of Eris. The mere mention of Thornley or the Principia Discordia elicits an outcry of slurs, insults and threats of physical violence from Deuel.    

If At First They Hurt Your Feelings, Turn The Comments Off Again And Again...Edit

One of Guy Deuel's signature tactics is to make an inflammatory, or ignorant post, then immediately cut off commenting when any form of criticism comes his way. Unable to handle even the slightest of contradictions to his own menial brain drivel, Deuel instead prefers to insulate himself with "yes men" so as to not face any repercussion for his frequent, and embarrassing public outbursts.

The Father Of Discordian President ChaudoinEdit

Guy is perhaps best known as father of Discordianism's one true president, the acclaimed actor, artist and all-around creator, Tom Chaudoin. 

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