SubGenius Wikia Clench

Screenshot of the original High Weirdness Project

The High Weirdness Project was a SubGenius wiki that operated for countless millennia, under it got erased from the Interwebs just like the original Encyclopedia Dramatica was erased, excremeditated from the quivering bowels of teh Internets into the toilet of Since the original High Weirdness Project no longer exists, it became necessary for the SubGenius Wikia Clench to form as a new ministry of the Church of the SubGenius, as ordained by "Bob" himself in his famous Sermon While Mounting a Whore.

There is a new High Weirdness Project that is trying to revive the old one, however. It uses the same wiki software and is basically a partial backup of the original High Weirdness Project. The new one is run by Feit C. Taj and it seems to have successful backups of the text of some (but not all) of the articles. The images and other media, however, do not seem to have been successfully backed up. Still, it is good that not all was lost, and we at the SubGenius Wikia Clench approve of ALL attempts at making SubGenius wikis, as it is a noble pursuit, a way to slack off and fight The Conspiracy at the same time.

However, the SubGenius Wikia Clench prefers to operate from Wikia because it offers free hosting for wikis and uses the industry-standard MediaWiki platform. These 2 advantages (free hosting and using the MediaWiki platform) are actually quite helpful indeed to a wiki; the MediaWiki platform has excellent ease of use and widespread adoption, and Wikia has added many additional features. There are some minor drawbacks to being hosted on Wikia. For instance, no nudity. Wikia has rules like that. Running your own wiki off your own personal web server like the High Weirdness Project did means there are not rules like that and you can do things like nudity if you want, but it also means paying for server expenses and all sorts of other annoying bulldada. So, it is a bit of a tradeoff. That is why BOTH types of wikis are needed, to hit The Conspiracy from every angle, fnord.

Incidentally, the name for the High Weirdness Project comes from High Weirdness by Mail, a book by Rev. Ivan Stang all about rival cults and conspiracy theories.

And now, here is a video that may or may not have anything to do with this: