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Jehovah 1, more commonly known as JHVH-1, is some wrathful alien space god from a corporate sin galaxy, and he is known by many other names such as Wotan, Ra, etc. He is one of the Elder Gods, who also include several other interesting gods among their ranks, such as Eris Discordia (who may be his wife) and Cthulhu.

He transmitted the PreScriptures to "Bob" in 1953. He has allied with a race of aliens from Planet X known as the X-ists, who plan on destroying Earth on X-Day. He is worshiped by many members of the Church of the SubGenius for his many Slackful deeds such as The Divine Emaculation of "Bob" and his alliance with the X-ists to help bring about X-Day. Like "Bob", Jehovah 1 enjoys sex with many different partners, and Jehovah 1 has fathered many gods and demigods, much like one of his best friends, the god who the Romans called Jupiter and the Greeks called Zeus, who was also a sex maniac and likewise became father to many gods and demigods. Jehovah 1 and Zeus often cruise around the universe and go out partying together at the best intergalactic clubs, trying to pick up hot alien chicks, but usually they just get so drunk on Binsky's nuclear beer they end up passing out and wake up the next morning in bed together with strange questions about their sexual orientations. Even Wikipedia knows about Jehovah 1, which is pretty amazing considering how far away he lives. This propaganda video by Anonymous explains a bit about Jehovah 1: