Men in Black

The Men in Black are a group of Watchers (agents of the Elder Gods), controlled by the Elder Gods, who form part of The Conspiracy to control world government through a New World Order involving The Illuminati. Contrary to the movie, Men in Black do NOT have the best interests of Earth in mind, but are sinister agents of the Elder Gods allied with various alien civilizations in a vast intergalactic war in which Earth is completely insignificant, with the notable exception of World Cup Golfers. Some of the Men in Black serve Jehovah 1 and are allied with the X-ists and the Church of the SubGenius, while others serve other Elder Gods (or in some cases, rebel gods such as NHGH) and are allied with hostile alien races such as the Yacatisma (a.k.a. the Y-ists). Each of these alien races in this intergalactic war is also allied with a different World Cup Golfer... for instance the X-ists are allied with Arnold Palmer while the Y-ists are allied with Lee Trevino. However, the Men in Black, despite having various competing alliances with different Gods, alien races, and World Cup Golfers, work together as one on their New World Order, following what they only describe as "THE PLAN", and they play the different alien races off against each other in the vast intergalactic war for their own sinister ends. Therefore, even the Men in Black who serve JHVH-1 and claim to be allied with the X-ists, Arnold Palmer, and the SubGenii cannot be trusted, as they are part of a Conspiracy against us, and are most likely the ones responsible for the disappearance of The Bleeding Head of Arnold Palmer.

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