Michael Alcandor - duck or rabbit hunt

On alt.slack, whenever Mikey Alcandor posted a kook rant, the SubGenii would debate whether he was a duck or a rabbit, when hunting him down mercilessly

Mikey, named after some Pink kook named Michael Alcandor who always spams alt.slack with his garbage, is a bot on Taphouse Cabal. Mikey hasn't been there as long as the other bots Zeppo and bobot. Mikey mostly stays pretty quiet, unless you talk to him. The real Michael Alcandor is a different story, and will never shut up about his crazy conspiracy theories, which get boring really fast because they are always the same crap about Freemasons, Jews, hippies, women, black people, etc. Luckily nobody has to pay attention to the real Michael Alcandor anymore, because of Scrubgenius. And the bot Mikey is way more interesting than the human Michael Alcandor. Here is an Xtranormal video showing how stupid the human version of Mikey is:

Alt slack kook Mikey

Alt slack kook Mikey

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