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NHGH is one of the gods, but not an Elder God. He is the son of the Goddess Nunu and HIMSELF! And the twin sister goddesses Nunu and Narnini are daughters of Eris Discordia and Jehovah 1, m;u;", and is the smiling face behind The Conspiracy.

He is the product of the Negative Timestream and has many aspects, which combine to form the HyperNHGH. Just as Satan is the father of the Anti-Christ, NHGH is the father of the Anti-"Bob". While "Bob" is the embodiment of Slack and surfing the Luck Plane, NHGH is the rebel trickster god of Bad Luck. Since he is the son-in-law and grandson of Eris Discordia, who is the ex-wife of "Bob", this makes NHGH the ex-step-son-in-law and ex-step-grandson of "Bob". This at least partially explains why "Bob" and NHGH are polar opposites. NHGH is the driving force behind The Conspiracy and the god of The Bozos, and the one who always sabotages the plans of the Church of the SubGenius such as X-Day. Since NHGH experiences time backwards, he will be born in the future, and he died in the past. All SubGenii await the day when NHGH is no longer around, after his backwards-in-time birth in the future, because then there will be nobody left to oppose "Bob" and we will finally triumph.

-Bobbie (we're so proud!)


NHGH, known to the Aztecs as The Filthy Eater of Filth. And the ancient Babylonians, as BAALPHEGOR (BELPHAGOR). He is the mischievous spirit or deceiver imp who's various aliases crop up in the legends of every race dating to prehistory. Before Dobbs he was not known by name to any Western culture, but his cruel capers can be read on scrolls, stones and mud tablets of antiquity. (Lit. Corpse-Lord or Decay.) The demon (female or gynander?) of inventions and discoveries. In Punic myth, Bel or Baal (Lord) is nearly equal to El, god of fertility and plant life (winter flood). Necrophilia with slain virgins, practiced by Atlantidean sorcerers and Asiatic secret societies alike, is also reflected in this name. Beings created by orgasm or Todpunkt all become zombies to Death Magic practitioners.



He Who Named Himself embodies the unspeakable Dark Side of "Bob," which dwells within His Dots. Some ministers question whether "Bob" actually has a DARK SIDE (not the George Lucas variety), or whether NHGH is some malevolent manifestation of ,,oBo,, the Anti-"Bob" Most, however, agree that it DOESN'T MATTER. To even speak of NHGH -- who's name can be spelled or pronounced millions of different ways -- to but mention his name is to invite him into your life and checking account, the ultimate lingering house guest, he will never leave.

Some cultures whould call him Satan, but they suffer from this confusion. Yet that is good for NHGH. Satan is the Devil. He has horns, a pitchfork, a motorcycle, and a boyband of boyfriends that he shoves his guitar shaped cephalic rod into. You'll never know when or where NHGH will show up. But if he does its never surprising. Its only that we let ourselves be surprised... And if you're a good SubGenii you'll know how he operates. His twisted games and how squeeze the "juice," right out of him.

NHGH is not always bad at first. NHGH can seem like a friend. Later we indeed find that he has proved to be his same old self... That is why he is NHGH. He's always been a NHGH. He does not try to steal your soul --- only your sanity. He does tempt you... and he always wins. He's a NHGH.

NHGH's power is BLAME. NHGH takes unto himself the blame of the world. For he IS To Blame. He can project this blame on others to save his own skin, but usually his malodorous deeds get him in trouble. Being around NHGH isn't an instant mistake but it is a constant headache, sooner or later. Which he doesn't care about. He will always be NHGH. Why can't he just get 5 bucks from you? Why can't he borrow your car? Why don't you hit this? Why don't you listen to his coke fueled business ideas. Because he never went to school, and because getting high behind the 7-11 dumpster was more important. Never invite NHGH to be a friend. Can't get a new NHGH because they're all broke.

Though NHGH is as "old" as JHVH-1 Himself, he is NOT YET OF THIS EARTH, butt is the product of the Negative Backwards Timestream spoken of the Prescriptures; For NeHGaH (as he is identified here) spawned himself from his own Father, the Mother Fornicator of All NHGHs. NHGH likewise spawned his own Mother, who went back in time so that she TOO could spawn NHGH in an endless genetic loop of perfect incomprehensible rapaciousness and amorality. Loki, the Con Man of the Gods, was the grandson of the HyperNHGH, his parents being Banono and Nheeguani, who was created on the 8th day. There's no question of liking or disliking Nheeguani, the question is, who will wear the Nheeguani SHIRT?

Though there is but one "Bob," one glowing shaft of Pipe Smoke streaming forth from ErrFF (formerly and quite affectionately called Earth by the inhabitants of that biosphere), there are countless gargoyles and binding shades: The sinister forces of the Yacatisma, the deathful sweetness of the fertility Goddess NUNU (illigitamate mother of the mother of all McNHGHs) and her Twin Sister Narnini, Siamese Sisters and Ungrateful Daughters of the She-NHGH, and the martyred Nee Nee son of Narnini and NarNuGH, & the pink tennis-show shaped heliopters -- living beings with motors inside -- & the Whores of Narnoingliax & the Deros from the Hollow Earth & the Tobacco Chimeras & the Green Energy Demons &, yes, even G'broagfran(?)... all these and more apparitions, spill forth once the Ark of NHGH is opened by those few DOKTORS, WHO DARED TO TAMPER WITH THAT WHICH HUMAN WAS NOT MEANT TO KNOW.