Bozo Nuke

Is this a nuclear bomb going off, or is it the face of a Bozo? NYES!


So does NYES mean NO, or does it mean YES? NYES! It means both and/or neither and/or anything else at all! It is a fnord, it is bulldada, it is a word invented by the Church of the SubGenius to undermine The Conspiracy.

NYES! This word has great meaning, when used properly. When misused by a Pink or a Bobbie who doesn't understand it, NYES is just as meaningless as everything else they spew forth from their food-ingestion, speech-excretion holes on their heads (sometimes called "mouths").

The NYES is also a popular game console (short for Normal Youth Entertainment System) which Normal parents hook up to their TV sets so their Normal children can play Normal video games. There are thousands of NYES games to choose from, such as Super Normal Brothers (a side-scroller), Normal Fantasy (an RPG), Normal Combat (a fighting game), and thousands of others. While the original NYES that came out in the 1980s was a very primitive game console, newer versions of it come out every year, and the latest one has all the features, such as 1080p HD 3D graphics, tracking your motions with its wireless controller, and a broadbrain Internet connection that relays everything you do directly to Conspiracy Headquarters.

Here is a video of Super Normal Brothers for the NYES, showing how it is full of secret glitches put in there by the Conspiracy on purpose (just like all NYES games):

Super Mario Bros

Super Mario Bros. - Hack Glitches

This next video is from Normal Fantasy for the NYES, showing a battle with the boss Meatwad from Aqua Teen Hunger Force:
<youtube width=411 height=385>EF8t_3JJHBY</youtube>
This video shows the homoerotic subtext in Normal Combat for the NYES (something that is present in most NYES games):

Mortal Kombat Finish Him! - Tato Salad

Mortal Kombat Finish Him! - Tato Salad

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