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INWO SubGenius card game (INWO is short for Illuminati New World Order)

The New World Order is how The Conspiracy and the Men in Black dominate all world governments on Earth, also involving some humans such as the Illuminati. Both SubGenii and Discordians are opposed to The Conspiracy and its New World Order; however, this is a much lower priority for SubGenii because these are the End Times and X-Day is approaching. Eventually, in the future, after X-Day, the New World Order will reach its final stage, being a Conspiracy of Bozos (literally clowns) who dominate the entire Earth through a single Bozoid-controlled one world government, enslaving the rest of humanity as Wage Slaves who work 23 hours a day, and launching a war against Mars, as foretold by the documentary from the future Let's Visit the World of the Future.

Here is a completely factual documentary about the New World Order, aliens, and UFOs: