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And where Nyarlathotep went, rest vanished, for the small hours were rent with the screams of nightmare. -HP Lovecraft

  • Nyarlathotep, a.k.a as Nyardam-Thotep, The Crawling Chaos, Ahtu, The Black Man, The Black Pharaoh, The Black Wind, The Bloated Woman, the Crawling Mist, The Dark Demon, The Black Demon, The Dark One, The Dweller in Darkness, The Faceless God, The Floating Horror, The Haunter of the Dark, Face Eater, Father of All Bats, Dark Wing, Sand Bat, Fly-The-Light, the Howler in the Dark, the God of the Bloody Tongue, or the Bloody Tongue, L'rog'g (also Lrogg), the Bat God of L'gy'hx, Messenger of the Old Ones (also Messenger of the Great Old Ones), Mr. Skin, Randall Flagg, Shugoran, Thing in the Yellow Mask, The White Man, The Skinless One, The Masked Messenger


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Nyarlathotep, known to the Sub-Genius as Nyardam-Thotep, is an Outer God in the Cthulhu Mythos and Supervisor of the Elder God's Minions. He is the spawn of Azathoth (JHVH-1). He is first mentioned in and first appeared in HP Lovecraft's prose poem "Nyarlathotep" [1920] (the idea for which was first put there by time control artists from the future) It is best known for taking on a human appearance and starting cults via his various humanoid incarnations. J.R. "Bob" Dobbs, founder of the Church of the SubGenius, is one such incarnation of Nyarlathotep, at least according to followers of the Cthulhu Mythos, as is Malaclypse the Younger, one of the founders of Discordianism. Nyarlathotep was famously written about in the writings of H.P. Lovecraft, although writings about him date back for thousands of years, for instance, one of his other incarnations, the Anti-Christ, is mentioned in the Bible, and Nyarlathotep is mentioned by name in the Pyramid Texts of ancient Egypt written circa 2400-2300 B.C., the oldest surviving religious texts in the world.

The Book of the SubGenius briefly mentions an entity called "Nyardam-Thotep" which is the supervisor of The Elder God's Minions. 


Nyardam-Thotep, is also known in other religions whose humanoid incarnations include Muhammad, Krishna, the Buddha, The Fightin' Jesus, the anti-christ, space pharaohs and most other founders of major world religions. It is prophesied that JHVH-1, created Nyardam-Thotep


or Nyarlathotep, thousands of years before the primordial soups of man had existed (or perhaps it happened the other way around), and that almost every major world religion or cult is founded by one or sometimes even both of them, although their status is not necessarily one of being at war

against each other, and actually they are just romantic rivals trying to compete for the attentions of some Goddess (perhaps the Elder Goddess Eris Discordia, perhaps the Wiccan Moon Goddess, perhaps the Hindu goddess Kali, perhaps the Norse goddess Freya, although many theorists believe those are actually all the same goddesss going by different names in different religions). Most theorists believe that this Goddess (who we shall call Eris for now) is actually trying to get Nyardam-Thotep and Jehovah 1 to agree to a threesome with her, but both of them are jealous gods who want that goddess all to themselves, as part of a harem of goddesses, and both Nyarlathotep and Jehovah 1's main goals are also threesomes but with 1 male god and 2 female goddesses.

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All of the history of religions and cults, thus, can be considered attempts by rival gods

and goddesses to try and set up the perfect sexual threesome. The results of such a threesome would be a trinity, triumvirate, or troika that would give birth to a new race of Gods and Goddesses that would bring about Götterdämmerung, Ragnarok, X-Day the twilight of the Elder Gods, the end of the world, the beginning of a new world. These new Gods and Goddesses would, of course, include the OverMen and UberFemmes of the Church of the SubGenius along with the X-ists and Alien Sex Goddesses. JHVH-1 could NEVER be considered the creative god, he needed his minions to be in line with his universe. . . Methodical as robots. Nyardam-Thotep is considered the greatest destructive force in the universe (the great satan / anti-christ). Commanding disciples and cultists everywhere. Tearing down everything only to rebuild it, and destroy again and again and again for eternity. What happened to the towers of Babylon? Nyardam-Thotep and Eris had a spat. Nunu was born. People died. It was bad. Eris widely considered the goddess of chaos whose goal is complete and utter chaos, could not have had a birth any other way. When Eris finally gets Jehovah 1 and Nyardam-Thotep to agree to a threesome with her and put aside their differences enough to do this, that will bring about the end of the world and X-Day, and the SubGenii will finally be Ruptured to Pleasure Saucers to take them to Planet X. Nyardam-Thotep will destroy the Earth, Jehovah 1 will create a new paradise on the Pleasure Saucers and Planet X, and Eris will make the entire process as chaotic as possible.

In fact[]

The creation of the Conspiracy was all part of the plan right from the beginning. The Conspiracy was created according to the theory of the Hegelian Dialectic to be the counterpoint from which the Church of the SubGenius would be created in opposition. The entire existence of the Conspiracy is all part of the grand plan for SubGenii to ultimately triumph, and for the 3 aforementioned Gods and Goddesses to finally have their threesome.


The qliphotic guardian of the 11th Tunnel, sometimes connected to Nyarlathotep. He's not the "opposite", but a distortion of The Fool. Instead of being about to walk off the edge of a cliff, here he's seated at the bottom of a crater, at the edge of a pit, whence issue inane bubbles of nothingness. Instead of his warning dog, here we see the idiot flute-playing demons seeking not to advise, but to distract and confuse. Worst of all, the Fool is beyond mere "Folly", because as anyone can plainly see, he has no head at all.

His disease is diarrhea. His path is that of reversal. Since 11 is the general number for magic and since 11 is also the number of Daath on the Tree of Life, i.e. the "non-existent" sephirah and the gateway to the "other side", Amprodias also has The Fool's number. Zero (the Void) is the number that precedes One (Manifestation). The Zeroeth Level is also the level that precedes even the must elementary level of consensual reality. That is it even precedes solipsism and madness. 

Evil Eye of the Elder Gods and Nyarlathotep