Or kill me


"OR KILL ME" is a common way for a SubGenius to end a sentence, used as a slogan by SubGenii. Generally, this means the SubGenius is asking you to kill them, and it is polite to give them a slow, painful death. It is not said sarcastically or as a joke. It is very serious, just like everything else the Church of the SubGenius does. J. R. "Bob" Dobbs used to use this phrase all the time, until someone actually DID kill him in 1984 in San Francisco:

Assassination of J. R

Assassination of J. R. "Bob" Dobbs Jan 21 1984

WARNING: Hearing someone use this slogan is not legal justification for committing homicide in some countries where the Church of the SubGenius is not the official state religion. If you are outside of Dobbstown, Malaysian, please consult with local authorities before committing executions. Killing SubGenii in violation of local ordinance could result in wrist rash and a sore neck.

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