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Pat Pineapple, symbol of the Order of the Pineapple.

The Order of the Pineapple aka the DisOrder of the Pineapple honors those who have given extraordinary service to “the participatorial study of comedic attitudes and eccentric tendencies.”  It is an annual award given on 18 January which is Pat Pineapple Day. It has been given to several people associated with the Church of the SubGenius.


The Order of the Pineapple was created by the Ĕk-sĕn-trĭks Cluborguild and began on January 18 CE in the year A. D. 1982.  On that day the ECG Co-Founder, Founding Vice President Alien, was presented with a pineapple.  This was at Mt. Santa Juanita College in California.

The award has been given by various groups. These include the original Ek-sen-triks Cluborguild (1982-1987), the Merry Archers of Paganus Grimlove (1988-1990), Earth Chapter Five of the Ek-sen-triks CluborGuild (1991-1994), the Discordian Division of the Ek-sen-triks CluborGuild (2007-2010), and the Order of the Pineapple itself (2011-).  The award was apparently not given from 1995-2006.

It is traditional for honorees to eat something containing or resembling pineapple on Pat Pineapple Day, which is January 18 of each year. Members are sometimes creative in what they consider to resemble pineapple.


Honorees who are card-carrying SubGenii or are known promoters thereof, or have articles or are editors of this website, or who were suspected by a Prophet of "Bob" of being J. R. "Bob" Dobbs, or who according to card-carrying SubGenii slept with "Bob" and/or "Connie" include Connie Dobbs, Robin Hood, R. Crumb, Pope Hilde, Steve Jackson, Timothy Leary, Reverend Loveshade, Miley Spears, and Robert Anton Wilson.

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