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Should Pinks be considered people?

Normals burn on X-Day

The fate of all Pinks: burning on X-Day (Art by Hal Robins)

A Pink (also known as a Pink Girl/Pink Boy (this is not the same as LGBTA; many SubGenii are LGBTA, but the SubGenii had the term first!), a Normal, a MeHume, a Mediocretin, or a Glorp) is someone who is NOT a dues-paying member of the Church of the SubGenius. They are all part of the Conspiracy of Normals, trying to make everyone else Normal just like them, and trying to steal away our Slack. They think the name of "Bob" Dobbs is just Bob Dobbs, without the quotes, and are interested in things like giraffes. They will all get fried by the lasers of the Pleasure Saucers on X-Day.

Pinks can (and do) purchase goods and services form SubGenius Foundation - some may have paid dues and even believe to be saved. This does cause some confusion from time to time, so accubeating is often employed as a form of Sacred Hazing to sort the wheat from the chaf. When asked why we sell to them at all, J. R. "Bob" Dobbs quipped "They may be PINK but their money is GREEN".

Here is a video of a typical Pink and how retarded they act in everyday life:

Pinks zpsdcc3765f

The pink boys. The sheep. Those who Do Not Get It and Don't know There's Something To Be Gotten.