Priestess Pisces

Priestess Pisces at a waterfall outside Dobbstown, Malaysia.

Priestess Pisces is vice president of the SubGenius Foundation as of a violent coup in 2012.[1]

She is a prominent UberFemme of the Church of the SubGenius, very high-ranking in the Church's completely nonexistent made-up hierarchy that doesn't exist because everyone is equal but some (like her) are more equal than others. She has a tumblr page here and Picasa photo albums here.

Below is a video of her preaching the holy gospel of Dobbs at the 2007 Baltimore SubGenius Devival:

Priestess Pisces at Baltimore SubGenius Devival 2007

Priestess Pisces at Baltimore SubGenius Devival 2007


She is known for her unorthodox interpretation of The Book of the SubGenius, often preaching that "getting off the planet" is not a reference to leaving but to orgasm.

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