Psychotropic Space Satellite - Technology invented in the early 20th century. PSYCHOTROPIC SPACE WEAPONS NOW CAPABLE OF DIRECTLY MANIPULATING GLOBAL POPULATION AREAS Member of the Russian Federation of Space Exploration Scientific and Technical Council, Anatoliy Ptushenko describes spaced-based energy systems . . . that are capable of wild psychotropic effects or driving millions of people crazy. This is a matter of national security and there needs to be a Spoilers here somewhere. There have been a billion and half people on this planet barraged and bombarded with every sort of beam and ray from kingdom come. There is no way to interfere with huge bursts of radiations from space outside of the magnetosphere surrounding the Earth (or the kepler belt). But just inside this field is filled with orbiting satellites and space debris. Some of which fire waves of energy on people down below, others merely reflect energy fired from the ground and redirect it. Member of the Russian Federation of Space Exploration Scientific and Technical Council, Anatoliy Ptushenko described for the first time in press in Rabochaya Tribuna . . . psychotropic weapons... spaced-based energy systems... capable of driving millions of people crazy... which started to be developed in the sixties are capable of driving millions of people crazy.  Are they still doing it? Who knows?  I know. And they fucking are.  But this technology is widespread enough that millions of satellites circle the Earth with little or no oversight.

Space-based energy systems lead to the need for the world community to establish an a priori permanent, preventive monitoring of the development and deployment of space-based energy systems.
The public has no idea that of the psychotropic effect created by these systems under their "un-certain" conditions. That was why they were officially called psychotropic rather than psychotronic weapons. It turned out that it was all a matter of frequency/Amp/Voltage/plus technology that we wont go into for this article . . . .

"Generally speaking, most Subgenii are probably familiar with superhigh frequency radiation: Few people with a head cold or a sprain have not sat in a clinic between the two black plates of a 'UHF generator.' There are frequencies that are beneficial to people. But naturally there are also those which are hazardous. At certain frequencies of microwave radiation creates that very same psychotropic effect (one's only G-Men are interested in, and knowing precisely which ones is the purview of several contracted defense departments). That is, it has a direct physical effect on the human brain.

"A microwave system can easily be tuned into a psychotropic weapon -- formidable in that it has a direct effect on the human brain . . . just by retuning the generator"

The terrible danger of psychotropic weapons is the possibility of their simultaneously and unequivocally affecting large masses of people over huge areas. In the 2010a They began working out something completely different: physical effects caused by the mind could be used from space. Just to name a few: hypnosis, 'verbal zombification,' the effect of ultrasound signals on the human subconscious (on the lines of Ilona Davydova), the need to urinate more frequently, the urge to pick at scabs, the feeling of worry, the need for sex (but only at certain times of night), the craving of mass hunger... systems of mass subliminal suggestion and hypnography involving suggestions, for instance, pressure on a person to speak i.e. verbal (oral) -- albeit using inaudible ultrasonic frequencies

History == In Russia Dr. Smirnov, the Russian psychiatrist who is famous for his invention and study of mind control equipment "Smirnov has noted that 'psychotronics" are easily blocked (i.e. tin foil / aluminum hats) But that these childish tricks will not work with psychotropic weapons. It resembles the effect of a psychotropic drug, which is why the weapons were called psychotropic: An imbalance occurs, a fundamental change in a person's psyche, one loses self-control and becomes easily led, and his mind moves from the real world to a world of hallucination or delusion.

The difference between psychotropic drugs and psychotropic weapons is fundamental and the differences between them are obvious. All pharmaceutical psychotropics are temporary-acting. While microwave radiation is variable repeatable frequencies: It can affect a person (or an Army) temporarily or possibly forever. It is all determined by the mix of frequency and the power of the radiation. These systems were called "psychotropic weapons" in official secret documents 30 years ago. It was these systems that we began to appreciate in the sixties with the acid revolution changing the public's mind and making them more susceptible to programming from above (or through the power lines)

And you know the scary part? They may quite well have actually been tested. on real live people. It was not for nothing notorious sciences of psychotronics to this day are on the consciences of psychiatrists, psychics, and hypnotists. Nevertheless, faced with such a terrible danger as psychotropic weapons (and other kinds of space-based weapons), it is our duty to ensure that the development and operation of space based solar energy system receive popular and above all mass media scrutiny. YAH RIGHT!! LIKE THE MEDIA WOULD EVER REPORT ON THAT!!! AFTER ALL THE NETWORKS OWN THE SATELLITES! AND THE BANKS OWN THEM! AND YOU!!! YOU'RE THEIR TARGETS THAT THEY SHOOT ALL DAY LONG.

The subgenii saw no need to control these weapons. Questioning the psychotronic weapons school of thought and whether hypnosis will work on unwilling subjects. Hypnosis does work on unwilling subjects see Dr. Scheflin's book Mind Manipulators (1978) and Dr. Colin Ross, Bluebird (2000). Both books document government involvement in hypnosis research and disinformation surrounding this issue.

Question the authorities, and research the information available on psychotropic weapons and claims concerning "hypnosis, 'verbal zombification,' the effect of ultrasound signals on the human subconscious . . .
States emphatically will deny, that psychotropic weapons,"do not enable the individual human mind to be controlled in a precise and purposeful way. They simply 'jam' any internal connections responsible for a person's self-control, and he becomes easily controllable 'according to mob law' in line with commands form a space-based station. One can be controlled either from earth or from a command center lost in space."

These are considerable statements coming from a government that would experiment on its own people while they sleep. Obviously giving the matter serious consideration is out of the question with current state of the Union. Express caution when discussing forbidden science with normals who worship the oligarchies of the world, they will find it difficult to believe. They are in a perpetual state of denial about everything.

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