Puzzling Evidence

Puzzling Evidence, the longest-running SubGenius radio host of all time

Puzzling Evidence is a SubGenius who hosts the longest-running SubGenius radio show, The Puzzling Evidence Show on KPFA 94.1 FM Berkeley. The Puzzling Evidence Show also features Dr. Philo Drummond and Dr. Hal as co-hosts with Puzzling Evidence. It is one of many SubGenius radio shows carried on the SubGenius Internet radio network We Slack Radio. Puzzling Evidence also produces Puzzling Evidence TV on YouTube, which has a TON of videos, just RIDICULOUS numbers of insanely Slackful videos that'll make your eyes bleed with joy.

Puzzling Evidence is infamous for being accused of assassinating J. R. "Bob" Dobbs in 1984 at the Victoria Theater in San Francisco. What at first seemed like an open-and-shut case, soon involved second and third and fourth and fifth gunmen, building all the way up to a 23rd gunman before Puzzling Evidence recanted his original confession, claiming he was brainwashed by The Conspiracy as a Manchurian Candidate. In the years since, Puzzling Evidence has proved himself a loyal SubGenius, so even if he was the assassin who killed "Bob", there were a total of 23 assassins who all shot "Bob" at once, just as Julius Caesar had been stabbed to death by his 23 best friends at once in Ancient Rome, so can we really hold him responsible? NYES! However, it is a sacred commandment to kill "Bob", and SubGenii frequently ended sentences with "...OR KILL ME!!!" So the 23 assassins of "Bob" can rest easy, knowing they did the right thing. Besides, J. R. "Bob" Dobbs is just a cartoon character, not a real person, and that entire "assassination" was just a fake event staged at a Devival to make all the pathetic Bobbies all cry, which is always amusing for us Yetinsyny to watch.

PuzEv had a pirate television network broadcasting in the Western United States in 1985, and personally broadcast a number of Slackful things, including news reporter Bluette Lebeau interviewing Dr. Hal about the assassination of "Bob" Dobbs in this propaganda video. This was actually part of the coverup of this massive Conspiracy to kill "Bob" which involved the highest elders of the Church of the SubGenius to such an extent that even "Bob" himself was in on the plan!

Puzzling Evidence 1985 Bluette Lebeau interviews Dr Hal

Puzzling Evidence 1985 Bluette Lebeau interviews Dr Hal

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