I consider the unknown Arkansas preacher Janor Hypercleats one of our most valued contributors. But his name doesn't drop well in polite society.

Janor Hypercleets, The Man From Outer Taste

Janor Hypercleets, The Man From Outer Taste

Janor Hypercleets interviewing himself.

Transcript from video:

Interviewer Mark: You made a statement several years ago that it's very hard to be an artist in today's society 

Rev. Janor Hypercleets: Yes it's hard to be an artist and you might wonder why is it hard because you emoting the feelings of a generation. Its a hard because you're spokesperson for people from all walks of life. Is it hard, is it hard, because you have to have empathy for so many different types of people in order to express their point of view? No that's not why its hard, quite hard it hard because,,,

RJH: You don't get paid there's no there's no money in it there's no money to be made!! 

Mark: Do you think people today are bypassing the creative passions I spoke of earlier and trying to go just for the money? 

RJH: you know Mark, I want everyone who leaves my show to feel like they've contributed something... namely money to me. I always have Janor Hypercleets cassettes on sale I always have Janor Hypercleets videos on sale... Janor Hypercleets pamphlets. Janor Hypercleets barf bags for people who are tired of Janor Hypercleets. Remember the my wallet foundation. There's no fancy limos. Nothing goes into administration costs, Nothing goes into advertising cost every cent you donate goes directly into my wallet. Lemmie rephrase that: in a different way maybe you can understand this... If I were you I'd give me all your money.

Mark: But then I'd be you, so I just give it back to me 

RJH: Yes but I'd be you so you'd be giving it back to me 

Mark: Yes but I mean I have to be one of us so I... somehow, I'm gonna at least have some of the money. 

RJH: No. I would be both of us and I would kill you and I would keep all the money. 

Mark: But I mean I have to be one of us. 

RJH:  Okay which one? 

Mark: I guess I'd be you. 

RJH: And I'd be you. I think we're safe as long as neither one of us is ourselves and we're going to try to be the other person 

Mark: But we're both the same person we're jumping from tree to tree look stupid. 

RJH: That's how I get people's attention on me. Create something so idiotic so psycho that they're like "Huh?" "What is this?" like they're doin' now. To use the vernacular, "dialing for bowling for fishing for surfing for people." 

Mark: Okay right. Please, I think we've had enough of your strange shenanigans. People feel that your shows are a lewd spectacle of depravity with their political incorrectness, they feel like that you're insane, that you're totally out of contact with reality 

RJH: I'm not that reality oriented And I don't see why that's such a big deal. 

Mark: Would you... 

RJH: It's a side issue. its a sidebar. Its... how can I express this to you... 

Mark: Mmhm 

RJH: From, okay, you know that thing, that three-dimensional thing that surrounds us, and the thing infact includes us, that thing that includes all sight and sound and smell of past present future, including yourself and your own thoughts. And extends from this spot (points to heart, center of chest) on into infinity and is eternal... That's the part I have a hard time with.

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