Why NOT a goat?

Rev. Mary Magdalen, more commonly called Rev. Magdalen or Mags, is one of the most famous UberFemmes, married to Rev. Jesus Christ Devilacqua, and well-known for her role in the SubGenius child custody case. In that child custody case, a Conspiracy family court judge named Judge Punch took away her son because he saw nude photos of her taken at X-Day 8 and heard about how blasphemous the Church of the SubGenius was against his religion of Christianity. This included things like a picture of Magdalen scantily clad and wearing a goat's head, to which Judge Punch responded "Why a goat?" The Church of the SubGenius's response became a new slogan: "Why NOT a goat?" Judge Punch was also upset by a video that made fun of the movie "Passion of the Christ".

Eventually, the decision was reversed, and Rev. Magdalen got her son back from The Conspiracy, but it was a long and expensive legal battle. This legal case proved to all the doubters that The Conspiracy is indeed VERY REAL, and is very much opposed to the Church of the SubGenius. However, Rev. Magdalen achieved victory in The Conspiracy's own family court system using the power of Slack. Rev. Modemac promoted awareness of her case and documented it on his wiki.

Rev. Magdalen is a Twitter aficionado who can be found @revmagdalen and also has a blog, where she shares her thoughts on many topics including current events and groups such as Anonymous, the "Occupy" movement, and revolutionary groups in the Arab world and especially in Iran.

This video relates to why Judge Punch got pissed off at Rev. Magdalen. It's the one making fun of the movie "Passion of the Christ" that got him really angry (also got lots of Christians on YouTube angry and making violent threats, funny, I thought they were supposed to "turn the other cheek" and believed that "the meek shall inherit the Earth"):


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