Satan (note the familiar pipe and the grin... obviously a coincidence)

Satan is a wimp and a complete pushover who was created by Jehovah 1 for his own amusement. Satan constantly tries to fight against the power of Jehovah 1, but never succeeds. Although Satan has eternal life and is a deity, he is actually quite powerless and his purpose for existence is for the Elder Gods to laugh at him. The Fightin' Jesus beats the crap out of Satan in line at the school cafeteria every day and steals his lunch money. Needless to say, Satan is very angry and sad about the way he has been bullied ever since he was created, but he can't really do anything about it. In fact, he has been suicidal for aeons, almost since he was first created, but since he is immortal, it is impossible for him to put an end to his eternal torment. While popular culture commonly depicts Satan as evil, he is really just misunderstood and tired of being bullied and picked on by the Elder Gods. This is why Satan is the god for nerds who get beaten up all the time by jocks, who started a religion to worship him, called Satanism. Jehovah 1 finds all of this most amusing, and has a similar fate in store for the Pinks after X-Day comes. Luckily, J. R. "Bob" Dobbs is good friends with Satan and they often hang out together, as seen in this video from the Starwood neo-pagan festival:

J. R

J. R. "Bob" Dobbs Appears at the Starwood Festival 31 Bonfire Aftermath

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