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"All Clenches. . . MUST SCHIZM sooner or later. . ."

The schism between Ivangelicals and Holocaustals began on the set of the movie Island of Slack Souls, as an argument between the film's 4 stars Rev. Ivan Stang, Dr. K'Taden Legume, Papa Joe Mama, and The Panther Woman

A schism is major divide within the Church of the SubGenius. Some schisms splinter off so radically that they no longer recognize the authority of the SubGenius Foundation and wind up creating their own cults.

The Church of the SubGenius has two long-recognized schisms: one between Ivangelicals and Holocaustals, and one between Rewardians and Emergentiles. Also, the Discordians are a rival cult that split off from the Church of the SubGenius back in the late 1950s, in a much earlier schism, plus there is a schism over the Dobbshead copyright, and, following the Church's slogan "Start your own damn religion!", many SubGenii have done exactly that.

Another schism happened when J. R. "Bob" Dobbs was assassinated in 1984 in San Francisco, as different SubGenius reverends tried to claim the mantle of leadership after his death and accused each other of being the assassin who killed "Bob" or being involved in the assassination plot. Here is the video of that assassination: