A ShorDurMar or Short Duration Marriage is a marriage planned for a limited duration. Sometimes this duration is determined beforehand, but not always.

Not all ShorDurMar are between two living people who would actually become married in the "normal" sense. They may be between a person and a celebrity who doesn't know the person even exists (and who may never know they had gotten married); a real person and a fictional one; a real person and a non-human animal, vegetable, sex toy, etc. For those who choose to follow traditional Christian-Judeo-Islamic values, they may also include more than two marriage partners in a broad range of ages.

Marriages are often done before a Short Duration Personal Savior, but this is not required. They are often classified by color. For example, the standard traditional marriage of a conscious live aware willing real man Adam to a conscious live aware willing real man Steve would be a white marriage. If, however, instead the first man married the conscious live aware willing man's living dog Fifi, this would be a red marriage. If the first man instead married the second man's dead daughter Lilith, this would be a yellow marriage.

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