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Slacking Towards Bethlehem is a "fake news" propaganda documentary under development. It blasphemously claims Rev. Ivan Stang, Dr. Philo Drummond, and Dr. X founded the Church of the SubGenius instead of J.R. "Bob" Dobbs and Constance Marsh "Connie" Dobbs.

Prequel Edit

"Bob", with Connie and others, privately founded the Church of the SubGenius in 1953 (although Drummond has claimed it was 1955). There were originally 23 members.

After the Church became defunct in 1975, the Three Wise Guys (Stang, Drummond, X) revived it by handing out Pamphlet #1 in 1979 in the Dallas, Texas area. It was believed that at first the New Church worked in cooperation with "Bob" and "Connie." However, the Church quietly began amassing millions of dollars. Meanwhile, "Bob" and "Connie" were reportedly busy helping Pastor Vernon Howell establish a religious center near Waco, Texas. This was apparently modeled after one they helped start for a pastor in Guyana that in turn was modeled after Dobbstown.

But "Bob" and "Connie" returned. At "Bob"'s first appearance at a Devival of the New Church in San Francisco in 1984, he was assassinated. "Connie" was devastated, and became inactive in the Church. It is suspected that supporters of The Three Stooges were behind the killing. Dr. X also mysteriously disappeared. Stang and Drummond seized control.

Documentary Edit

A highly respected documentarian named David Boone documented the rise of the New Church in his 1980 film, Invasion of the Aluminum People. He died. The highly respected investigative journalist for the New Yeti Times, Reverend Reverend Doctor Doctor Archdoctor Saint Margaret Moser, infiltrated the Church. She died. An undercover master of disguise infiltrated the household of Stang and Princess Wei R. Doe in the form of their mongrel dog. He died.

After this, the documentary began.

Sandy K. Boone was named director and producer, and Louis Black named executive producer. Boone allegedly is related to the late David Boone, and Black allegedly is not related to New Church exposer Bob Black.

How You Can Help Edit

SubGenius Wikia Clench bravely fought to keep this documentary from being funded as you can see from our Oct. 2017 post below:

The documentary is currently being funded on Kickstarter. If the Church doesn't meet its goal, it receives NOTHING.
All True SubGenii, and those who want to be, should go there and fund the project--until it's ONE CENT SHORT. Then stop donating. This will destroy the project, and humiliate the Church. The project ends Wed, November 8 2017 17:00 hrs UTC, so donate by then and STOP THE NEW CHURCH!
We even got a shoutout from the project on Facebook because they failed to discern our ultimate plan.

The plan failed, and they got the money. But we can still stop it from being made with a really radical plan. Write your representative in Congress/Parliament/Curia/Supreme Council and demand they outlaw for profit religions!

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