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Could this be a Bobbie Girl?

Could this be the sign of a Bobbie Girl?

Could this be a Bobbie Girl on YouTube?

Bobbies? Did they pay their $35?

The Stop the Bobbie Girl Campaign is the first of a number of campaigns to Stop the Bobbie Girls.

Campaign message[]

The Church of the SubGenius accepts anyone who mails in their $35 to Church of the SubGenius. As "Bob" famously said, "They may be PINK but their money is GREEN!"

But that doesn't give some wet behind the ears BOBBIE GIRLS the right to commandeer a SUBGENIUS PLATFORM! I have all due respect to I really do. Kudos for them for letting us be here. And yes, SGs, we have to follow THEIR RULES.

But as you TRUE SUBGENII know, some SUBGENII have a way of CIRCUMVENTING THE RULES. DON'T DO IT, of course. I'm on record pleading with you on BENDED KNEES. DO NOT VANDALIZE this site. DO NOT REWRITE ARTICLES. DO NOT REPLACE THEM with photos of "BOB" and CONNIE doing nefarious acts. DO NOT BLANK PAGES. DO NOT CHANGE the BOBBIE ADMIN'S user pages to ones featuring your FAVORITE OVERMEN AND UBERFEMME. DO NOT DO IT!

There, you see, I tried to help.

Message from original poster[]

DISCLAIMER: I am NOT the IVAN STANG who is no longer CEO of the CHURCH OF THE SUBGENIUS because I got sick and tired of BOBBIE'S and KOOKS. I'm not HIM. So don't send me emails blaming me. I'm the OTHER GUY.