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A typical SubGenius

A SubGenius is an ordained, dues-paying member of the Church of the SubGenius. In some cases, someone could be made a SubGenius by someone else. The common plural of SubGenius is SubGenii, but SubGeniuses is also used.

Only SubGenii get to go to Planet X on the Pleasure Saucers when X-Day comes and get to have cool titles. SubGenii are descended from Yeti and are sometimes called Yetinsyny, and the ones obsessed with "Bob" are called Bobbies. The SubGenius must have Slack! The Brag of the SubGenius is the most amazing brag ever, and is true for any SubGenius.

There are many SubGenius rituals, such as "Bob"tism, casting out false prophets, interspecies sex with prairie squid, excremeditation, Forbidden Science experiments, production of Xtranormal videos, and sexhurt. Here is a video of a typical SubGenius, Rev. Mark Mothersbaugh, lead singer of DEVO, where you can see how SubGenii usually deal with Pinks who try to ask them stupid questions: