SubGenius Wikia Clench

"Bob" and "Connie" welcome you to the SubGenius Wiki!

(aka SubGenius Wikia Clench)

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The SubGenius Wikia Clench needs freaks and weirdos like you!

The Church of the SubGenius was founded in 1953 by J. R. "Bob" Dobbs. The SubGenius Wikia Clench was formed by an imaginary number of SubGenii led by General Public, to carry out the cynisacreligious Prophecy Crusade of SubGenius wiki ministry and spread the sacred word of the Living Slack Master to people who like to look at wikis, whether they be true Yetinsyny, Bobbies, or those no-good Pinks who are Conspiracy Dupes.

For more about our wiki, including its rules, read this. Also see Editing Tools and How to Write a Good Article.


Connie Dobbs'
100th Birthday Party Celebrations!

Certainly, a lot needs to be done to create a good wiki here that "Bob" would be proud to read (if only he weren't illiterate). However, due to the enormous amounts of Slack that we dues-paying SubGenii possess, we have more than enough free time to do the necessary Forbidden Science to create the greatest, most slackful wiki that has ever been devoted to the subject of the Church of the SubGenius. The only question is, whether we of Yeti ancestry will actually be Emergentile enough to do it, or if we will just be Rewardians and slack off.

NYES, it needs to be done, but somebody ELSE can do it! Ignore this fnord at your own peril. For X-Day draws near, the final day of reckoning, and if you haven't paid your dues, you will NOT be Ruptured onto the Pleasure Saucers, dear friend. Eternal salvation or triple your money back! That is a deal that can't be beat by any of the 23 other fly-by-night Satanic UFO mind control suicide cults trying to corrupt our youth. Contribute bulldada to this wiki, OR KILL ME!!!

- The Mgt.