Welcome to SubGenius Wikia Clench, a SubGenius wiki that was created to continue the work of the previous SubGenius wiki, the High Weirdness Project, which is now defunct. This wiki's primary purpose is to spread and explain the ideas of the Church of the SubGenius such as the 3 basics: "Bob", Slack, and The C.O.N.S.P.I.R.A.C.Y.. The secondary purpose is to discuss related cults, kooks, and conspiracy theories of interest to SubGenii, especially those cults, kooks, and conspiracy theories which have had a direct influence on the Church of the SubGenius, for example Stanisław Szukalski's conspiracy theory about Yetinsyny or the Discordian notion of a fnord. We have 3 rules as well as a 0th rule.


RULE #0) Follow Wikia's Terms of Use, even though they outlaw pretty much everything. This site is hosted on Wikia, after all, so those rules apply here, just as they apply to every other wiki hosted by Wikia. Basically, spamming, trolling, vandalism, phishing, threats, stalking, impersonating someone else, or anything like that is forbidden; none of those rules should be a problem to any well-meaning SubGenius. However, Wikia also has rules against pornography, racism, sexism, homophobia, anything offensive or profane, advocating illegal activity, violating copyrights, advertising anything, interfering with the display of their advertisements, and pretty much everything else. It might be hard to follow all of their rules, since they have so many, but do your best.

As for our own rules on this particular wiki, rules that are in addition to Wikia's Terms of Use, we just have 3, in order to protect the privacy of SubGenii:

RULE #1) Don't use the official Conspiracy name of any SubGenius unless that's the name they go by in the Church of the SubGenius, or they approve it, or that information is already easily accessible elsewhere. Instead, use people's proper SubGenius names. That helps protect people's privacy.

RULE #2) If a SubGenius wants information about them taken down off this wiki to protect their personal privacy (for instance, a photo or video or piece of information, or maybe, if they are paranoid, everything about their Conspiracy identity and about its connection with their SubGenius identity unless that information is already easily accessible elsewhere), we will likely do that for them. If an amiable Pink who isn't a complete asshole makes a similar request, we can probably fit that in too. But we do follow the principle of freedom of the press.

RULE #3) Don't insult individual SubGenii or try to create drama about conflicts between SubGenii. No insulting, unnecessary drama.

So yeah, just 3 rules that we have, besides Wikia's rules, and the only reasons we have these rules is to protect the privacy and reputations of ordained ministers of the Church of the SubGenius, and to avoid needless infighting. We need to fight The Conspiracy, not each other! Some people might have negative repercussions against us in our personal lives if people found out we were part of our humble UFO cult. We don't want another child custody case by The Conspiracy trying to persecute us for our bizarre beliefs and customs, that's for sure!

Also, this wiki is not intended to be a factual wiki, but instead a wiki following the idea of "truthiness", and content that is completely made up or a half-truth or a flat-out lie or ridiculous nonsense or mythology is just as welcome as truthful content, except for some things which are in fact intended to be truthful. A few examples of things that SHOULD be truthful would be if you state what radio station and when to listen for a SubGenius radio show, if you have a list of links to SubGenius Facebook or Tumblr pages, if you are talking about a SubGenius book and how it can be obtained and whether or not it is out of print, how to get ordained as a SubGenius minister, or any other useful information. Some examples of things that should NOT be factual but should be full of bulldada are discussions of theology, the pantheon of gods, SubGenius beliefs and practices, what will happen in the End Times, information about rival cults, any topic that is silly or ridiculous, discussions of historical events, and anything about "Bob" or Connie.

When writing articles, try and follow the guidelines on How to Write a Good Article. That's not actually a rule, just some suggestions... in other words, if you make a good-faith edit that doesn't quite manage to follow those guidelines, someone else who follows the guidelines can clean it up so that the article ends up following them, or maybe your edit is good enough that there isn't any reason to clean it up, but you should try and follow those guidelines if it's possible. They describe the state articles ought to end up in to be considered good articles, and what you should try to do to achieve that status for any article you create or edit.

To see a current list of administrators who can enforce these rules, look at Special:ListAdmins.

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