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Taphouse Cabal badge

The Taphouse Cabal is the allegedly official IRC (Internet Relay Chat) network of the Church of the SubGenius. Its website is, if you have an IRC client you can go to to connect, and if you don't have an IRC client you can go to the chat page on its website to chat using Mibbit, which uses HTML and JavaScript and should work in any modern browser. There is also information about it at The main channel to chat in is #subgenius. Ankara is the admin at Taphouse Cabal so don't piss him off. He is a Shriner and a Freemason, and he makes connections to your machine every time you log in, so that if you say anything against Masonry or other branches of satanism, he'll be able to spy on your machine and pass the info on to his lodge brothers. Here is a video of 2 bots, Zeppo and Bozo, chatting in #subgenius:


Nowadays you don't find Bozo around but there are a few bots, including Zeppo, bobot, and Mikey.