After the economic destruction of the 80s and 90s destroyed the infrastructures of many countries, the Conspiracy set up a plot to combine all the countries into mega countries and just deal with ruling over whole continents. North America joins with Korea (north and south), Israel, Saudi Arabian Oil mega giants and Japan in pushing this policy all over the world. The result is Several countries that worship different dollars. The New American Republic makes up one of the five.

Where's my country gone? Edit

Bought and sold on the open market by the globalists with their foreign policy monopolies of course. United Nations, CFR, and the Banks collaborated to economically push the country off a cliff to line their coffers with bad mortgage schemes, social security money and filthy drug laundering lucre. To be honest the worst people were in charge just before X-day and now that the bozo's are rebuilding the Earth they don't give a shit about SLACK.

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Well basically its too late. The countries that form The New American Republic are The United States of America, Canada, Central America, Cuba and all the islands they can seize. See its not about keeping people out any more. That was old America. This is THE NEW AMERICAN REPUBLIC where people are basically in jail from birth. Fed, maintained, and treated humanely. Like a farm animal.


Its the same as it is now, fake, based on the petro-dollar and a tool used by the Conspiracy to control people. There are new currencies just like the old ones, fake as monopoly money. They are the EURO, AMERO, BRIC. . . On second thought the conspiracy might just skip all that world money trade and establish a world currency. Putting and end to Stock markets and money trading.


Why is it so shitty here in the future?

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Because you can't go back to SLACK after you lost it. Unless you're a Subgenius

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