The Revengerists (NOW Gluten-FREE!®©™) is the consortium of fighters of crime and evil, they are globetrotting superpowered adventurers and benevolent protectors of all things awesome, (and even some mundane stuff for when they get bored). They have been in operations for years and are there whenever the world or anyone else is in trouble. They have participated in many fictitional events from the super insignificant to world changing.

Each person on the team is an Awesome, a state of being either inborn (a 'Natch Awesome') or attained through selfless, courageous, difficult and kickass years of hard work and deeds. All Revengerists are Awesomes, but not all Awesomes are Revengerists.

They keep to the shadows in order to most effectively kick the crotches of those they deserve, shunning public lime lights and thus keeping their secrets. A method so super-effective, it has since been named 'Revenging'.

The team is famous for its battle slogan "If we can't save you, you're fucked!" which would appear in telephone books, bus stand ads and late late late night radio spots, with no indication of what the service was for. The team has featured humans, mutants, vikings, gods, aliens, robots, Yetinsyny/Subgenii, and even former villains.

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