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Slack gathering symbol

Symbol of The Slack Gathering, "a perfect slack circle."

The Slack Gathering is a SubGenius clench formed in June 2019 at Woodstock on the Moon. They talked about forming in 2017, but it took them a while to get around to it.

Origin Edit

Their first public act was performing the lost SubGenius hymn "Battle Hymn of the SubGenius" at Woodstock on the Moon in June 2019. Except it was invitation only so was really private. Really they haven't done anything in public. But they might get around to it. Some day.

Bobtrine Edit

The Slack Gathering accepts the words of "Connie" and "Bob" as contained in The Holy Boble, The Book of the SubGenius, Revelation X, The SubGenius Hymnal, and The Adventures of Big Willy in Pussyland.

Motto and Slogan Edit

Motto Edit

"Success through Slack."

Slogan Edit

"Keep on Slackin'"

Mascot Edit

Intercourse the Snail (species Lissachatina fucklica slackina)

Allies and Rivals Edit

They are allies of The Grovers.

They are rivals of The Black Spears Gang.

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